Winters Approaching Soon? Here’s How to Make Your Home Winter-Ready

Winters Approaching Soon? Here’s How to Make Your Home Winter-Ready

Jan 3, 2022, 10:54:18 AM Opinion

The long, cold, and harsh winter months may bring a huge load on your home, especially if you aren’t prepared for it. Preparing your home before the colder weather approaches can save you a lot of trouble in dealing with falling snow and storm.


The steps we are sharing to prepare your home for winters might help lessen the damage or might even help you avoid damage altogether.

Call for Fireplace Cleaning Experts

If your home has a fireplace, you may need to get your chimney cleaned and inspected professionally before the burning season begins. Properly cleaned and maintained chimneys and vents will prevent you and your loved ones from fire hazards.


Search for certified chimney cleaning experts in your area. Having your chimney swept can help professionals to identify the potential issues in your chimney. It also prevents carbon monoxide from creeping into your home.

Get your roof inspected

If your area experiences frequent storms and snow falling, then this is one of the most important steps for preparing your home for winters. Damaged or missing shingles may leak during strong storms or melting snow. Therefore, it is important to get them fixed right before the harsh weather.


You can also hire a roofing contractor to get the repair work done. It might cost you more than you expect but ignoring it for an entire cold season will lead to even more bills later on.

Clean your gutters

Getting your gutters cleaned when you live in an area that gets a lot of snow is necessary, right before the winters. Your home will result in water damage if you failed to get your gutters cleaned.


Remove the leaves, dirt, and anything else that has gathered in your gutters. The drain pipe should be long and wide enough to keep and water and melted snow away from your home.

Trim tree branches

Even the healthier tree branches are likely to fall down due to ice storms or fallen snow. Cutting back the branches overhanging your home and keeping them at least 3 feet away could help you in avoiding damage to your property.


If you aren’t able to cut back the branches by yourself, call a tree expert to examine the tree and make the necessary adjustments.

Prevent door locks from freezing

The door and window locks often get jammed in the super-cold climate. Spray a little powdered graphite lubricant into the locks of all your doors and windows. The powder prevents sticking.

Last but not least, get your home insurance covered

The winter brings darker nights which ultimately increases the crime rate. Get in touch with your home insurance company to confirm if your insurance covers theft and potential winter damage such as ice dams, fires, or fallen tree branches.


Taking time to prepare your home before the winter approaches could help you in avoiding so many potential damages. Once you’ve prepared your home, you can enjoy pumpkin-sliced lattes and Netflix season without any stress. 

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Written by Lauren Lewis

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