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I never thought I'd be saying this, I started this 'internet journey' with YouTube and I thought that would be where I was going to stay. After being approached by My Trending Stories I couldn't really turn the opportunity down, so here I am! Bear with me, as this is a whole new world... and I'm not used to writing it all down, I'm used to staring into a camera and saying it all! 

Lets jump straight in! 

I thought I would make my own little succulent and cactus garden! I will talk you through a step by step guide on how to make a budget friendly version of your own.

  1. Search through your house, find a big glass bowl or a place where you can start your little garden.
  2. Visit your local garden centre. Pick up any succulent or cactus that you think will look perfect in the home you've found for them! This is also the place where you can buy some small aquarium stones and specialised cactus or succulent soil if you need them, however, always look in your garden first! 
  3. Start to create your garden by laying the soil and thinking about where you want your succulents and cactus' to be.
  4. After placing your succulents and cactus' within the soil, start to lay the stones you've chosen carefully around them, really making the garden come to life!
  5. Don't forget to water your plants! They have been sat at the garden centre and may not have been watered for a while. Be aware that if you have more succulents, these need watering more frequently than cactus' so do some reading on how often your individual plants need watering and where you should place your new garden!

If you want to have a look how mine turned out, have a look at my YouTube video, the link is below! 

Thank you so much for reading!

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