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My  name is Lauren but I go by itslaurenski on all my social media (feel free to check me out). If there is one thing you need to know about me it is- I am in love with fashion. I could list a hundred things about myself simply by what I wear, but I will spare you from having to read that list. I am from Canada, which sometimes makes my desired outfits little harder to accomplish when I have to wear a parka over top of anything cool. But as a Canadian, I have also learned to deal with it.

I am currently a fashion and lifestyle video blogger that posts weekly content on Youtube (find me at itslaurenski) whether that be a look-book for my favourite season trends or a little advice on how to survive university- I'm your girl! All of us are consumers of the Youtube world these days, but we don't always get to know what happens behind the scenes of a lookbook or simple make-up video. Follow My Trending Stories page for exclusive content to all the hard work that really does go into making creative Youtube videos that reflects who I am but others will still love to watch.

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