The Art of "Uniform Dressing"


The Art of "Uniform Dressing"

Oct 24, 2016, 2:03:25 AM Life and Styles

The concept of "uniform dressing" is nothing new to the fashion world. With the rise of fashion bloggers, social media models and other huge fashion influencers it is a concept that has only evolved. It also happens to be something that I have come to know is exactly the way I love to dress. Don't understand what I mean?


Uniform dressing isn't throwing on your old school uniform or what you wore to your fast-food job as a teenager. Uniform dressing is your go-to look that you can alter to make appropriate for almost any occasion. This has made days that I am worried about running late so much easier, I can throw on something I know I like and looks good and go. I have always joked about being the "jacket lady" but now I know it is truly what I am. I tend to always gravitate towards statement jackets, or at least make jackets the focal point of my outfit. It's easy when all I need to do is throw on an all-black ensemble and toss on my favourite jacket for the day, but all of this comes in three stages: Subdued and Easy, Statement and Edgy, and Model Off-Duty Cool.


Subdued and Easy

When some hear statement jacket they think that it means it will be something that you are going to see on someone three blocks away. That isn't always the case. A jacket can still be statement, while being a piece that is basic and simple (I blame it on the all black). 

The cut of the jacket is what can really make a difference. The longer, men's wear inspired dusters that are all the rage right now give something easy like this interest, but also an element of polish. It is more modern without the fear of going out of style, which I like for something easy and comfortable. I could throw something like this on for a lazy Sunday or for mid-week comfort to get me through the work week.






The ease of this outfit too can let me play with my bag and shoe choice. Statement shoes that still have a men's wear element to them like a masculine loafer add to the cool and effortless feel to this outfit. Check Del Toro Shoes for timeless designs.  My new shoe gems I bought on my New York adventure bring an element of uniqueness to my outfit that I know not everyone walking down the street will have.

















Statement and Edgy

 Statement jackets that have an element of edge to them are my favourite pieces to play with. Why? the edginess of them allows them to be dressed up and dressed down a tad easier. It is also extremely on-trend and age appropriate for the 20 somethings of the world. Then all black then enables the jacket not only to be the focal point, but also something that can be on both sides of the dressy spectrum. To me, it all really depends on the shoes. A Stan Smith sneaker will give it the out and about vibe as a black ankle boot amps up the edgy feel and will elongate your body ( at 5'0, I will never complain about the illusion of a few extra inches).


The snake print jacket is one of the BAEs of my closet as the jacket is so unique, as was the incredible deal I purchased it for (check out my youtube video for that story). Make-up can also come into play as a dark burgundy lip kicks it up a notch, as a nude will keep all eyes locked on the edgy coolness of the jacket. This jacket happens to remind me a lot of the Elizabeth and James one that was spotted on Kendall Jenner earlier in the year... But I got it for a way better deal (yes, its still 100 per cent real leather).                                                                                               

I can not only let this jacket be the focal point of a look because of the print but the serpent print also offers amazing texture to an outfit. I know, I take the fact that I was sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore very ssssseriously.                                                                                             










I am easily able to throw this on for my business-casual environment, (in the fashion industry) go on a date or to a cool party all in one day without this outfit feeling out of place or not appropriate. If anything, the jacket has become a great conversation starter, and who doesn't like showing off a piece that makes them stand out for all the right reasons? Fact: I was shopping at TopShop and the sales girl said she was having an orgasm over my jacket and asked to touch it. Inappropriate comment? Maybe. Regardless, I was proud to show of the true love of my closet and she was... well, I guess satisfied?






Model Off-Duty Cool

 It seems like everywhere you go anything animal is all the rage, well its obviously becoming a jungle in my closet too. I used to hate the animal fur trend, but after seeing it on some of fashion's most loved  (Kendall Jenner, Alexa Chung and a new style inspiration, Jessica Clements) I decided to give it a try and obviously I'm not complaining. Although the most well-known model-off duty trend is a white tee, jeans and a leather jacket, more and more fur jackets are starting to replace the leather as the leaves change and more trends develop. 

 In comparison to my Subdued grey duster, this is a major attention grabber. The beautiful colours scream fall and instantly pulls your outfit from simple to glamorous, even with your hair in a messy topknot. What I have fallen in love with around this outfit is the fact that it is so polarizing. You will either love it, or hate it. I am more than comfortable in myself to not really care if someone doesn't like it, we all have our own taste right? 

If there is one time that I like to be the centre of attention, it is for my outfit. Whether you think I have just walked out of the Thrift Shop music video or that I look like I'm ready to accept my invitation to fashion week; I'll more than accept the interest. If anything, I have found it a fun look that forces me out of my comfort zone, puts me on trend and has me looking for the next cool trend to try next. Yes, this jacket is as cozy as it looks and I will go pop some tags in it.









So what is your uniform?

Take a look in your closet and think about what it is that you like to wear. What is most reliable on a day that you only had five minutes to put an outfit together and had five things you were doing? Your uniform outfits will take you from the early hours of the morning to the darkest hours of night in confidence. If I can give you one piece of advice, have fun with it. Don't compromise your personality because you don't know how to express it. Experiment, shop around and dive into any style resource you want. The fashion world is wide and deep and full of possibilities.


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