Our Bathroom Renovation From Start to Finish

Our Bathroom Renovation From Start to Finish

A few months ago my husband, Adam, and I bought a beautiful new home. Or old home, as the case may be. Our late 19th Century Victorian in Northern NJ was just right for our family. With the exception of one tiny issue: the third floor bathroom.

The outer room looked like it had been a kitchen at some point. It was missing a door, had a giant utility sink, and some pretty awful linoleum on the floor. This room led to the bathroom itself, whose entryway was far too low (my husband and brother both hit their heads on the door frame). The toilet was miniature and was situated next to what I fondly referred to as a “ghost door” (access to the crawl space in the attic). This bathroom was also the only one with a tub, which is critical since that’s the only way for us to wash our son. At less than 2 years old, he’s not quite into showers yet.

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