5 essential steps for a happy and healthy body

5 essential steps for a happy and healthy body

      We are often bombarded with good, beneficial, useful, significant and essential measures to keep our body fit. While physical fitness is an extremely essential aspect to increase the stamina of our body, it is also necessary to focus on its emotional well-being, too. As structural framework that supports the existence of our life; body is the primary foundation, demanding our attention. Be it exercises that strengthen our muscles or meditation and peace that calm our soul, be it job that fuels our brain or recreational activities that offer happiness, every kind of task is essential to keep our body moving.

    Maintaining our body in the right shape demands careful attention to many aspects. Food, lifestyle, nature of work, physical fitness, hobbies, routine all play an important role in determining the final outcome over the body. By taking good care of it, we can ensure peace, happiness, success and prosperity. My recent experiences of Zumba fitness sessions have paved way for this article, as I realized its positive impact. Though our body may not demand any specific actions or fitness engagements, we realize their value after absorbing all the goodness. Be it simple exercises at home or strenuous workout in a gym, it is essential to understand the requirements of our own body. What may work out for one may not be the best option for the other, highlighting the need to customize and plan.

     As our best friend forever, our body communicates with us constantly. By paying close attention to the needs of our body, we can create a healthy plan for ourselves. Staying healthy and happy does not equate to expensive gyms and elaborate food items. It only translates into finding out best suitable options.

    Growing influence of media, advertising, social network and internet has surrounded us with loads of information about fitness and health. From best food products to useful fitness regime, from weight loss tricks to sports and body strengthening exercises, we are constantly exposed to newer ideas every passing day. Many a times, confusing opinions about these different forms can have a negative influence. With various options in fitness exercises and healthy food items, we are unable to make the final choice. As each one of us have a different body type, it is important to identify what works best for ourselves. Depending on our diet, lifestyle, needs and feasibility, we must frame our body plan. By feeding our stomach with adequate supply of nutrients and engaging into activities that we enjoy, we can ensure healthy body always.

  With this thought, let me frame 5 essential steps for a happy, healthy body. Though, these may seem simple, routine, obvious and known to all, the aim is to remind ourselves about their significant influence, while continuing their application.


1.Eat healthy, think healthy

   Needless to say, food is undoubtedly the most essential fuel that decides the functioning of our engine. Well balanced diet is necessary to provide our body with all the nutrients. Whether you are a vegetarian with love for greens or a meat loving foodie, whether you a vegan or fan of the sea food, deciding a diet plan for yourself as per interests, requirements and availability can offer happiness to the stomach and appetite.

We must always focus on the freshness of food and consume adequate portions. Both under and over eating is equally dangerous, making it imperative to determine the needs of our body. Cleaning, cooking, making use of fresh ingredients and avoiding excess of any one single element is also necessary.


2.Exercise and exert

  Physical exercises enable smooth functioning of our body. Be it gym or walks, simple exercises at home or fitness session in a group, exercises push our body into motion. By focusing on every part of the body, these physical exercises can help in numerous ways. They increase stamina, energy, enthusiasm and vigor of our body.

  Exercises do not limit to physical fitness alone. It also involves fun activities like dance, meditation and yoga for thoughts and mind. As healthy body and mind work together to offer an all-round development, it is necessary to invest towards every aspect.


3.Cleanliness and hygiene

   Clean and hygienic approach towards every activity ensures a healthy body. Besides personal cleanliness, it is essential to keep our surroundings neat and tidy. Though one may invest in keeping oneself clean, ignorance towards surroundings can ultimately invite bad effects on health.


4.Recreation for relaxation

     While caught within the daily hassles of life, we often tend to ignore the need to relax and unwind. Spending lazy weekends with quality me time, sleeping adequately and travelling to quiet destinations for a relaxed vacation are some of the ways to energize ourselves. Recreational activities with no fixed agenda are equally important for a healthy body.


5.Balance it well

    Though each of the steps mentioned so far are essential for the body, it does not mean we stress over one single factor, with the hope to extract all the goodness. Only exercise or food or sleep will not bring out the best in our system. What our body demands is a balanced approach. Balancing all the beneficial tasks for proper duration in adequate amounts is necessary for the overall health status.


Follow these 5 steps for the experience of happiness and peace. Do add your own valuable suggestions in feedback. HAPPY LIVING! 

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