Conserving resources for a happy life

Conserving resources for a happy life

Nov 30, 2016, 7:18:28 PM Life and Styles

    Water, sun, trees, fossil fuels, soil, wind and waves – while you are wondering about the contents in this list, their inclusion was to celebrate the natural resources offered by mother earth. As gifts of nature and blessing of the creator, these resources form an essential part of our life.

       Conservation of resources implies judicious usage, prevention of wastage and thoughtful actions towards ‘recycle and reuse.’ By inculcating these values, right since childhood; one can definitely make an influential change in the long run.

     Born under the control of mother earth, it is impossible for you and me to create these resources in our own backyard. Conservation is truly one form of production, as prevention of wastage can make it available for others.

        While pondering about conservation and thinking of suitable means to achieve it, let me frame certain key-points that can help us towards the bigger picture.



    The most widely used natural resource with application in almost every domain, water is the heart and soul of life. Be it domestic usage or industrial applications, drinking purpose or commercial production, water has great demand on every continent of the earth.


  1. Do not keep the taps running, while brushing your teeth or applying soap in the shower.
  2. Do not wash fruits and vegetables with flowing water, instead fill a container with water and use it for washing purpose. Make use of this water for watering plants in the garden.
  3. Do not waste the water used for boiling pasta, noodles, vegetables or meat. This water can be used for lawns or plants in pots.



   Powering our homes, offices, streets, buildings and neighborhood, electricity is an important resource for each one of us. With increase in the usage of electronic devices, household utilities, high-tech machinery and advanced technological products, the dependence on electricity has increased to a great extent.

    With development of solar panels, wind mills and tidal machinery, it is possible to generate electricity from sun, wind and tides. Though these options are still in the nascent stage and demand great financial investments, it is our responsibility to conserve the conventional source of electricity as much as possible.


  1. Turn off the lights, television, fans, air conditioner when not in use.
  2. Use public services such as library, clubs, community rooms for working on computer and laptop whenever possible.


3.Crude oil and petroleum

Crude oil is generated from the reserves of fossil fuels found within the layers of earth. As these resources are found as natural elements, it is necessary to conserve them for future usage. Conservation and careful usage from our end will ensure consistent supply for many more years to come.


  1. Make use of public transport, whenever possible.
  2. Team with your work colleagues and use carpooling system.
  3. For shorter distances, walk or use bicycle instead of cars.


4.Plants and trees

The liveliest resource that only believes in giving away every part for the benefit of others, plants and trees keep us fresh, energetic and active.  With advent of industrialization, rising population and space constraints, there has been alarming deforestation across the globe.


  1. Make use of succulent varieties that require less water for their growth.
  2. Recycle old newspapers, cardboard boxes and paper bags.
  3. Use cloths and rags for cleaning purpose at home instead of paper rolls.


          Implement these measures in your life, think about more options, spread the word and stay motivated for the good cause, after little efforts today will yield great success tomorrow.


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