Decluttering the house for a clutter-free life!

Decluttering the house for a clutter-free life!

Mar 4, 2016, 9:41:17 PM Life and Styles

Decluttering, arranging, sorting, cleaning, organizing – while these may appear as some of the most boring tasks at home; each of these are essential for a clutter-free home and hassle-free life. As magnets of positive energy and the vibrant feel, clutter-free look of houses spread enthusiasm all around. While the organization of our rooms and cabinets forms the most important priority, decluttering them at regular intervals is also extremely essential. By giving away old, unused belongings and clearing space filled with unwanted items, we can allow the flow of positive vibes. Recognizing the significance of a clutter-free house and realizing its value in the daily course of life, I look forward to these essential tasks at regular intervals.

     Though decluttering may relate to the discarding of things, it does not equate to throwing away without proper consideration. While decluttering my house, I focus on the theme of ‘rearranging’ instead of ‘reducing’. By donating unused items for charity, reusing old products in a new role, throwing away non-functional items and limiting unnecessary purchase, I am able to achieve the clutter-free goal. While hunting for novel ideas and exploring diverse options, I look around for means to declutter my home.

    Besides cleaning and clearing, decluttering activity brings discipline to the house. Timely removal of unnecessary aspects and regular tasks of rearrangements confer a systematic look at the household. Clearing of unnecessary factors has a positive impact on our health too. While discarding trash is considered as a timely task, decluttering unwanted clothes, shoes, utensils, and household items are essential too. Regular supervision of our cabinets and closets can reflect all the unwanted resources. By careful analysis and effective planning, we can avoid such useless accumulation.

    A task that requires equal participation from every member of the house, the decluttering activity can be turned into a fun-filled event! While giving away old items may take away the wonderful memories attached to them, a departure of unwanted resources can make way for the arrival of newer factors. As the continuous on-going process that runs in a cyclic manner –purchasing, utilizing, reusing and discarding from steps of the circle. For ambiance of happiness and peace, this flow of events needs to be practiced in a regular fashion.

      While implementing these decluttering ideas within the scope of my house, I extract happiness, satisfaction, and joy.

      Let us look at some of these ideas that may pose as excellent options for your household too!


    1. Decluttering closet

Assembling all the clothes in the closet and sorting them as per usage is necessary.
Categorizing them into clothes of regular use, occasional needs, unused and unwanted items can provide a clear picture of the closet.
Donating unused clothes, using unwanted old clothes as wash cloths for cleaning rooms, vehicle, garage and cabinets can be some of the beneficial ideas.
Rearranging the closet can also reveal some hidden outfits that may appear as new and exciting!

     2. Clearing of kitchen cabinets

Unnecessary stocking of utensils, boxes, containers, and bottles can clutter the space of the cabinet.
Occasional cleaning and discarding can prove beneficial.
Maintaining fixed containers and boxes for groceries can prevent cluttering of additional items.
Refilling the contents of these food items can ensure proper management of inventory and avoid excessive accumulation.

      3. Managing the household essentials  

Maintaining a perfect system of inventory for toiletries, detergents, other random household supplies is beneficial to prevent excessive stocking.
Old newspapers, bottles and cardboard boxes should be given for recycling at regular intervals.
Discarding unwanted bottles of soap, shampoo, creams and lotions is necessary as a regular task.
Donating unwanted books at a local library or community center can ensure a good way of reuse.     

    By incorporating these simple yet beneficial practices into our daily routine, we can ensure an efficient clutter-free style for life!

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