It’s all about how we look at things….

It’s all about how we look at things….

Nov 4, 2016, 6:04:43 PM Life and Styles

    As a spectacle that shows us the world around, our perspective influences the outlook towards life. Whether we look at life with lens of positivity or chose the frame of negativity, this attitude decides our stand about various aspects along the course. While challenges, troubles, problems and worries cast their shadow at every available opportunity, our reaction to their action or response to their call decides the nature of our experiences. Though we have little control over our circumstances, we certainly have the power to choose our vision.

     Reflecting on our attitude, beliefs, nature and behavior, relative nature of outlook is essential at every stage of life. While dealing with troubles or failures, reminder about the temporary nature of their existence can motivate us to look forward to better times. By highlighting on the changing course of life, we can look at defeat as one of the fitting pieces in the puzzle. Repenting over lost battle or regretting about lack of preparation can never wipe the shades of failure. Firm belief in consistent efforts and dedicated approach towards hard work can bring happiness of success. While realizing the thought, ‘this too, shall pass’, encouraging ourselves about several opportunities in future can keep us determined towards our goals.

    Whether we treat failure as the final judgement for a lifetime or regard it as one of the marching steps towards destination, it can certainly decide the fate of our story. Be it any experience- good or bad; any encounter – desirable or undesirable and any adventure – exciting or dangerous; our perspective should prompt us towards the search for happiness and joy. As usual occurrences of routine journey, both happy and sad moments decorate the canvas of life. While learning from sorrow and benefiting from happiness, we can strike a perfect balance. Making best out of waste, our attitude decides the outcome of any situation.

       While this outlook towards life influences our experiences with success, failure, happiness or sorrow, it also presents our stand in front of others. From a happy-go lucky character with faith in self to a doubtful personality with mountain of worries; from a carefree individual with lots of hope to a wandering admirer lost in dreams, our perspective categorize us into diverse groups throughout the course of life. Casting its spell on our relation with others, our positivity can inspire beneficial changes in the society.  While we spread hope and enthusiasm to those around, our vision can certainly influence sight of others.


 What are the different categories that can represent these diverse kinds of outlook towards life?


1. Optimistic – radiates happiness, encourages experiments, motivates belief, strengthens faith and finds ray of light amidst clouds of sorrow.


2. Carefree– believes in staying calm, patient and cheerful along every experience; refrains from worries, tensions and anxieties; trusts in the power of self and leaves things to fate.


3. Calculative – analyses every single aspect before deriving any conclusion, believes in benefits of calculations, treats every opportunity as a challenge that needs solution and engages in deep thinking.


4. Pessimistic – looks at failure as the final full-stop, chooses sorrow over joy and defeat over hope.


5. Enthusiastic- looks forward to experiments, adventures, trials and new experiences; eager to try out different things before making any final conclusion.


6. Dependent – relies on opinions of others, depends on the point of view of others and gets influenced by their outlook easily.


7. Comparative – looks at each task as a competition, compares with others for every single aspect.


       While every group is a combination of bright and dull shades, it is necessary to create a perfect blend yielding perfect outcome.


     Whether we look at a glass and conclude it as half-empty or half-filled, our outlook towards life defines many aspects along the way. Affecting our goals, hopes, dreams and aspirations, it influences the course of our journey. 

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