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      Failure at work, complications at home, fading connectivity with friends, unexpected financial troubles, and complaints from unknown angles – do these aspects sound familiar? Many a times, life seems to throw wide range of unexpected troubles all at once. Before you emerge victorious from one puzzle, you find yourself in shower of several others. As one project reaches the end, the other seems to be waiting for your attention. Between dull days without any significant agenda to power-packed days with unwanted challenges, life loves its game of marathon. During such testing times, the entire universe appears to be in one team, while plotting against you. Before you even realize, several unexpected incidences enter into your lives, forcing you to doubt about the concept of happiness and peace.

     Such moments do not enter with a validity period. From anywhere between few hours to few months, the testing period may continue at its free will. Though uncertainties and challenges are unstated rules of the game, I am always amazed by the concept of ‘timing’. If life decides to play with you, it makes sure to get right into the core. Suddenly, as everything turns out to be exactly opposite, life seems to enjoy it completely. One after the other as challenges rise and fall, it reminds me about the power of ‘chain reaction’. Just as one thing leads to other, bad times choose to follow the same.

    Now, though you and I cannot do much about such bad times, it is essential to prepare ourselves in our own possible way. As unexpected challenges are meant to be ‘unexpected’, we can pour in more patience and calmness to deal with them. Our reactions and conduct speak a lot about us as individuals, making it essential to stay happy and peaceful. Though your ‘Midas touch’ may work in an undesirable way, converting everything into a disaster, you can still strive towards a peaceful reaction. Recognizing your bad times and trusting yourself for happier moments ahead is the key to a wonderful life. Just because life chose to print all the difficult questions in one single paper does not mean failure in all the subjects.

     Good and bad phases are parts of the process. Unless you spend some moments in improving your failed project, you cannot expect to gain more opportunities. Failure and disappointment enhance the flavor of success. Just as a pinch of ‘salt’ makes delicious difference to the taste, challenges are needed in small amounts too. While being surrounded by troubles and bad times, we are prompted to exploit our talents to the maximum. We learn several shades of our personality, as we deal with unexpected experiences. It prepares us for a rough patch, gearing us with a survival kit for the storms. One by one, as every domain of your life demands attention, spells out complaints and reflects sorrow, you must wait for better turns ahead.

    While we cannot control the series of worries, failures and problems, we can definitely prepare an action plan. Let us dig into some valuable advice for the pouring rains, tomorrow.


1. Engage into motivational activities – Inspire yourself with a good book, story, movie or music. Little doses of motivation is all you need to be pumped up for the bad times.


 2. Share your bad times – This does not mean crying and spreading the sorrow flu! It simply means talking to your family, friends and loved ones about bad times with an aim to share the pain.


 3. Think about your previous record of victories - Bad times are not some ‘debut events’. Along the course of our life, we come across several challenges that seem too difficult, yet everything fades away with passing time. Hence one quick recap of your past victories can inspire you to get along with this one too.


4. Make the best out of waste: So what if life chooses to shower you with rejections, failures, stop signs and bad news? You can still make the best out of it. Take a short break – anywhere from a quick lunch to your favorite place to weekend getaway to a nearby location. As long as you can refresh your mind to return back with renewed energy, any plan may work. 


5. Hibernate into training mode: Learn new skills, expand your knowledge base, engage into novel hobbies, and try out new adventures. Instead of laying low and defeated, one can convert it into a useful training period for new lessons.


So, next time when life chooses to start its series of puzzles, stay calm and enjoy the process. Remember, this too, will pass as your good time is in progress. 

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