The grass on the other side is always greener

The grass on the other side is always greener

Aug 25, 2016, 4:08:52 PM Opinion

       As little kids, we have often heard about this proverb. Pointing towards comparisons and expectations, the thought talks about our ideas over other people and their situations. Everything in life that pertains to others seems perfect, ideal, satisfying and foolproof. While our journey may appear interesting and happening to others, we often tend to overlook our own course. By admiring the greenery and prosperity of those around us, we are unable to draw satisfaction from our spread. Though we cannot experience their life in the same way as they do, we are prompted to believe that everything is perfect and flawless. While our own big bag in hand may appear empty and hollow, their luggage may seem heavy with loads of happiness, as we watch from a distance. Giving way to jealousy, disappointment, destruction and hatred; this tendency of comparing with others is truly one of the most undesirable, yet common mistake made by all of us.

     Though we are taught about taking care of our own course of journey, the human in us cannot resist to go over the usual route of comparison. Be it assets or career choice, family life or social status, as we tend to look around and draw comparisons, we may always end up hurting ourselves. As every individual has a unique story of his own, it is inappropriate to generalize and expect the same from us. While analyzing our skills and talents, we cannot draw a conclusion based on the interest of someone else. With an independent mind and heart, as each one of us have different interests, ambitions, priorities and goals, we cannot judge everyone over common grounds.

    Seeking inspiration and motivation from others is truly a beneficial aspect, but comparing every single step along the way or expecting the same end result is totally incorrect by all means. Each one of us have our own road map to follow, editing it according to others can only lead to disappointment and troubles. It is essential to take charge of our own vehicle and maneuver it as per our plans and ideas. Declaring ourselves as unsuccessful by looking at the success of others, or judging ourselves as sad due to happiness of others is definitely incorrect in every way.

      As our goals and desires vary, we cannot evaluate our race on the basis of a common finish line. Each one of us have to compete with ourselves, bringing out the best from deep within. Comparing our own assets or achievements with others and considering ourselves as less fortunate are signals of a weak mind. Since we invest efforts and hard work towards our aim, we must concentrate on the output. If we allow distraction and deviation from the glamor and shine of others, we may lose our target as desired.

       Being satisfied by our own achievements is often more difficult than the efforts invested behind achieving them. This forces us to admire the glory of others, but neglect our own piece of pleasure. If we inculcate satisfaction and delight as important elements in our system, we can refrain from such kind of disappointment. In a society that measures everything on the basis of preconceived ideas and beliefs, it is difficult to appreciate our own twists in the tale, even though they offer us unlimited happiness. This points to the fact that we must learn to seek happiness and delight from our work alone, rather than evaluating it with others. As every route has its own set of stop signals and hurdles, it is necessary to stay away from judgments. We cannot comment about the course of someone’s journey, as we have a different route to follow.


Let us stick to the following signs as we tend to our lawn and its grass!

  • Refrain from the urge to compare, judge, conclude and analyze based on the achievement of others.


  • Considering ourselves as failure due to success story of our fellow mates is totally inappropriate as each one of us have different goals and ambitions.


  • Competing with others can never lead to happiness and peace, it may only force us to lose our concentration and focus.


  • Finish line of our projects and assignments are completely different from the goals of other individuals. This makes it inappropriate to judge their pace with ours.


  • Framing comparisons can unknowingly turn into a habit, prompting us to compare every single event with others. This can never allow us to enjoy our fruits of success.


  • As desires, plans and ideas cannot be universally leveled on the same grounds, each one of us can have a different plan in action.


  • Being satisfied by our humble and modest achievements is more desirable than admiring the shiny glow of others.


    Attend to your commitments, concentrate on your journey and draw happiness from your success stories. Though grass on the other side is green, the greenery of your own lawn is definitely more soothing and fresh! 

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