The waiting room

The waiting room

Jan 13, 2017, 4:38:56 PM Life and Styles

       This is not a description of the waiting rooms, you commonly see at the railway stations, airports or bus stands. It is not about the waiting rooms at hospitals, clinics or any service stations either. It is about the waiting room that we all come across at various stages of our life. As unusual as it sounds, we all experience certain waiting periods or delays in our course. Be it education, career, household or any exciting projects we wish to accomplish, we are forced to wait for the right moment. Unless favorable situations spread their influence around, you may be compelled to wait and watch. Though ‘wait’ is the usual component in the agenda of any assignment, it manages to trouble us every single time.

     Our reaction to this waiting period is the primary factor that can govern the overall success. How we respond to such moments of anxiety, uncertainty, confusion and question marks can determine the further course ahead. If we lose our patience during such a crucial period, we cannot expect any favorable circumstances ahead. Many a times, these waiting phases are not designed to delay our plans, but to evaluate our dedication. It gauges our level of preparation and interest towards the outcome, ensuring our deep interest, right through the end. If we fail to preserve our patience, it will reflect over our attitude, answering questions for the future.

    Waiting periods do not involve major decisions alone. They can cast their spell over simple and daily tasks too. Patience is the only virtue that can help us along such experiences. Rather than stressing over the outcome with impatient outlook, it is important to utilize the time in a productive way. Many a times, life offers us unexpected breaks in our extremely busy schedule, making us stare at a blank canvas. During moments like these, it is necessary to shift the focus, divert our tasks and make good use of the break till we are back on track.

    If one does not handle waiting periods correctly, it can lead to negative destruction. Rather than being anxious about the future or worrying about the next step, it is essential to take the present under control. As circumstances influence the length of wait period, it will not be in our hands ever. So, instead of investing our energy behind out of reach situations, we must focus at the present moment and make it productive.

     You may wait for the exam results or an interview call, you may wait for your promotion at work or a much desired assignment, you may wait for owning your perfect dream house or adequate financial resources for a world tour - though your reasons may differ, the ambiance of waiting room will remain the same.

      Numerous waiting rooms will open their doors for you, as you jump from one significant step to the other. These rooms are an integral part of our journey because unless we know how to garner patience, wish for the best and measure our preparation level, we cannot succeed in the project. Waiting period allows us to introspect. It can force us to weigh all the pros and cons. While caught within the cycle of routine, we may move as mechanical parts without any scope for thoughts. It is only along such unexpected delays or waits, when we can think and contemplate.

     Though long waits can turn annoying, it is necessary to turn them into something good. It can either open up a new path for exploration or slight deviation from the existing one. One can learn a new skill, nurture a hobby or work on the weaknesses, while waiting for the doors to open, once again.

Waiting periods should be viewed as:

  • Preparatory classes
  • Phases of introspection
  • Newer paths of improvement
  • Developer of patience
  • Moments of realization
  • Renewal of energy


Waiting rooms are not meant to demotivate us from our goals, rather they enable us to focus our energy and prepare for the future. Do not feel disappointed when you find yourself at the doorstep of a waiting room, instead make the most of this break to improve your life ahead.

   Till your train or flight arrives at the terminal, enjoy the stay on ground!  

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