There is nothing 'wrong' in not being 'right'!

There is nothing 'wrong' in not being 'right'!

Aug 12, 2016, 3:57:40 PM Opinion

Confused by the title?

Wondering what does it imply about being wrong, yet being absolutely right?

      While you are busy analyzing the thought, let me share my idea behind this interesting belief. Right from the moment we open our eyes in this world, we are introduced to the perfect path of life. As our loved ones nurture and raise us, we come across the right ways of playing the game. Manners, feelings, respect, care, understanding, affection and maturity are sown in our system, as we grow one step at a time. From carefree childhood to educational school life, from matured college to responsible work phase, as we ascend the ladder of living, we grow along every level. While performing our duties as an individual of the society, we are governed by an appropriate set of behavior. Though these rules and laws are purely social in nature, we all have standard book of right and wrong doings that take care of our peaceful life.

       While it is extremely essential to embrace right behavior, understanding attitude and adjusting nature for happiness and joy of the society, it may not be possible to inculcate the same belief in our personal lives as well. We all have the right to engage in our passion, dreams, ambitions and desires even if they fall beyond the ‘so-called’ set of rules. Pursuing a career in novel, unexplored streams or travelling around the world alone to explore its offerings, making decisions to deviate from the normal schedule of life or sticking to our passion despite repeated failures are some of the wrong, yet right moves that one can definitely make. Adhering to society norms in every walk of life may be practically impossible as these rules cannot apply to every single aspect.

    Inner happiness and peace demands our attention as we are responsible for our own life. While people around us may define ideal time for career, marriage or child-birth, it may not fit into our plan of life. Though I am not being an advocate of repulsion or protest against the system, the aim is to embrace little deviations, depending on what is good for us. As architects of our own life building, we must be able to decide correct plans. While it is impossible to avoid failures or expect success after the first attempt itself, it is essential to stay determined and focused. Confidence over our hard work and belief in ourselves is the key that can drive us towards success.

    We often come across people who sacrifice their passion to be within the ideal frame of the society or give away their desires and hopes, with a view to be one among the masses. Though society guides us towards the acceptable course of behavior, it cannot decide our interests, likes and dislikes. Following our own dreams does not translate into selfishness. It only depicts the willingness to make ourselves happy. In today’s world where free judgments, unwanted critical analysis and inexperienced comments are readily available for all, it is essential to understand their motive, before being carried away in the flow. Apart from career or major life goals, several other factors are influenced by this air of being ‘right’. From food habits to clothing style, vacation preferences to leisurely activities, every aspect of our life tends to be scrutinized. While the tendency of judgement is naturally embedded in our system as one of the many human instincts, it is necessary to stay away from this interference.

   As there is no right way for everything, there is nothing wrong in doing certain things too. While you may enjoy certain activities that are not enjoyed by your closed ones, it does not mean they are unacceptable by all means. Respecting individual opinions and interests is the first lesson towards peaceful living. Adopting a false mask of behavior to connect with someone or agreeing to their contrasting views to keep them happy are incorrect ways of bonding. As individuals, while we all have diverse beliefs in every aspect, it is impossible to declare something as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Though we realize this fact in life, we must understand that this cannot relate with everything. Some aspects governed by legal system cannot be opposed or challenged as we all must live together as responsible citizens.

    Let us look at some beliefs that may be considered ‘wrong’ but may turn into being absolutely ‘right’:

1. It is right to put our career first before other responsibilities of marriage or child-birth.

2. It is right to pursue unconventional career choices besides the highly recognized engineering,           medicine, law or finances.

3. It is right to start our own business and take risks, if we believe in our skills, hard work, determination and dedication.

4. It is right to travel the world before investing in assets of house or car.

5. It is right to stand firm over our thoughts and present them in a respectful manner; while discussing it with elders that possess a totally contrast view.

6. It is right to laze around on a weekend or spend relaxed vacations with no agenda on mind.

7. It is right to have diversions in plans and last moment variations, as long as we enjoy it.

8. It is right to be without any plans or strategies at times, and enjoy the flow as it comes.

9. It is right to switch ourselves off from the world at times and spend quality time with self.

10. It is right to introduce changes in our routine schedule and try some new experiments for a change.

11. It is right to help our family members with their share of usual chores, while switching our duties with them.


These are some of my opinions and ideas that may not necessarily blend with your thought system. It is not essential to agree with every aspect, but it will be helpful to know about your voice over them. Do send in your comments and ideas, after all we grow with each other and not away from each other! 

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