10 Important tips for time management for IAS exam preparation

10 Important tips for time management for IAS exam preparation

May 1, 2019, 1:17:40 PM News

More than the time, it is the management of time that plays a highly important role when you are preparing for the IAS exam. Everybody in the world gets the same amount of time every day i.e. 24 hours. However, some are left with enough of leisure to think over their entire daily routine. But the majority is not able to complete even the most urgent of the tasks. Thus time management is of paramount importance. And it forms no exception when it comes to the preparation for the IAS exam.

Either you are doing IAS coaching or a working professional or college going student, below mentioned tips will help you prepare UPSC examination more properly and direction oriented. It has been observed that most candidates desire for Civil Services exam but mentally they are not able to order their study plan.  

10 Tips to manage your time while preparing for the IAS exam

Though you might be having some of your ideas to manage your time while you prepare for the IAS exam, here are a few tips to do the same:

1. Be realistic: It’s best to be realistic and not to be too hard upon yourself. Though almost all would agree that the syllabus prescribed by UPSC requires the candidates to study quite a lot, it is best to keep your targets that can be achieved in a limited time.

You may choose to read a specific topic in a few hours or days. However, it pays to be realistic. You are a human. So do not expect yourself to read in a few hours, what would usually require 1 or 2 days.

2. Take little breaks: Allow yourself little breaks when you feel tired and hence, you feel that you cannot concentrate any more. After the break, you will feel rejuvenated and focus on the preparation with a better concentration. It does matter. A poor concentration considerably reduces your grasping power and also the sharpness of the memory to retain whatever information you have gained for longer spans of time.

3. Keep some time for studying the various IAS exam patterns: It includes not only answering the past years IAS papers, IAS Test Series, Mock Tests etc., but also studying the various patterns of the question papers. This analytical sharp insight is definitely going to help you a great deal in saving and managing your time effectively for you will prepare taking various kinds of patterns into account. You will realize that this will enhance your knack of answering the question paper with a greater expertise.

4. Perseverance pays: Perseverance is nothing else, but the never say die attitude. If you believe that you can do something, you will do so! So, in case, you find some of the topics more complex than others, you should spare some more time for the same.

5. Assess yourself regularly: Keep sufficient time for making the revisions as the practice helps you assess yourself in a better manner. You will feel more confident and better equipped to face the examination, as a result.

6. Keep some time for reading the newspaper, magazines and journals as required: Reading all these would help you gain a sharp knowledge of the current affairs. Besides, surfing the government websites is a highly effective manner to gain the knowledge as well as keeping yourself updated as the content is authentic. However, do not spend 2 or 3 hours turning over the pages of the newspapers every day. Remember, you are to manage your time effectively!

7. Do not allow the trivial issues to disturb you: A strongly developed personality is not to be disturbed easily. And you aim at joining the Indian Administrative Services. So, you must administer your own preparation for the IAS exam first of all. You should see to it that not even a second of your time gets wasted because of any of the trivial issues. Keep all the disturbances at bay! All you should remember is that you have to focus on the preparation for the IAS exam. When you do not allow any of the distractions to disturb your preparation for the exam, you will be happily surprised to see that you can accomplish a great deal within a very little time!

8. Do not ignore a healthy diet, suitable exercise and a sound sleep: There is a famous saying that a sound mind lives in a sound body. So, when you eat well, exercise well, and sleep well, you are bound to feel healthier and prepare better for the IAS exam. As a result, the good health thus gained and well maintained will allow you to prepare more in a relatively little time.

9. Time for the revisions: Sparing sufficient time for the revisions is highly essential. Otherwise, you are likely to forget most of what you have been studying. Revisions should be made regularly or as required.

10. Try solving the tests in a time bound schedule: It would help you manage your time in the examination hall. Besides, assessment as per the negative marking would help you realize if you can answer the entire paper effectively within the time frame as UPSC allows.

Finally, though it is a good idea to chart out a time table and follow it whole heartedly, it would be better if you make a little change in it as and when required. While preparing the syllabus prescribed by UPSC, you will realize that you need to spend more of time on a few topics. Besides, there would be some of the subject areas that you will feel more confident of. So, it is best to manage your time accordingly.

However, never compete with others concerning how much do they read within an hour or so. All individuals are unique. And you have to manage your time as per your own requirements in the best possible manner. With an efficient time management, you may turn out to be a successful IAS aspirant!


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