8 Pallet Racking Safety Hazards

8 Pallet Racking Safety Hazards

Feb 20, 2020, 2:29:31 PM Business

Pallet racking is an ideal way to get things done in any space. Employers like having pallet racking Toowoomba with them as it allows them to keep things organized. At the same time, while this is a great addition to any factory, there are safety hazards. People can avoid these safety hazards by knowing what they are and how to avoid them.

Centering Issues

All pallet racks should be centered. This means that they are placed as needed. The pallet rack support beams need to be in place. Avoid placing too many items too much against one beam or another. Having items centered in place on the pallet makes the rack safe for both the workers and the clients.

Failure to Train

Workers need to be trained. They need to know what to do when it comes to working with such racks. All employers should be prepared to get the items in place as they work. A good company supervisor is someone who will help the workers know what they need to do around the racks and not struggle with any tasks in front of them.

Improper Forklift Settings

Many companies make use of forklifts in order to get things done with the pallet racking systems they have in place. The fork lift makes it easy to bring things up to the top of the pallet racks. At the same time, operating a forklift means knowing exactly how to operate it safely. Any worker should know what kind of settings should be used with the work. Demonstrating the settings to the worker is a good idea that ensures that all safety procedures are followed and the forklift is used with the right setting.

Lose Fittings

Installing these pallet racks means that many details need to be in place as the process continues. This means that all the fittings also need to be in place before doing anything else. If the fittings are not in place, the items on the racks can fall down and possibly injure someone. The fittings need to be secure and kept in line as workers go about their daily plans.

Narrow Aisles

The aisles play a crucial role in the operation of the pallet racks. This is where items are placed. It is also where workers operate during the time the work is being done. The width of an aisle can impede the operation of the pallet racks and make it harder for people to get things done. Narrow aisles should be avoided whenever possible in any factory operation floor.

Not Anchored

Anchoring may seem like a little detail but it is a very important one. The pallet racks should ideally be anchored to the floor in order to ensure that the racks are safe. Racking should be done with the required anchors at all times. It is imperative to follow the instructions given and to make sure that the anchors required are right where they belong at all times.

Poor Safety Inspections

Safety inspections should be conducted on a routine basis. Each day or any time when the company is operating, should start with an inspection of the items that are being used. This means that all details are checked and checked again. Any evidence of a problem should be dealt with as fast as possible in order to prevent any further potential issues with the items. Safety inspections can be conducted by all workers each day as they use their equipment. They can also be conducted by a specially trained member of the staff.

Too Heavy on Top

When it comes to stacking items on top of the pallet racks, the items that are placed there are items that should be carefully examined. It is imperative to avoid having too many items on the racks. Leave all heavy items on the floor of the pallet racks. Lighter items should be kept on the top shelves. This allows the user to avoid problems with the items that might otherwise fall on top of people as they work. It also preserves the safety of all clients. 

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