Are the NFL Officials Trying to Protect Brady?

The second week of the NFL season really was a rough one. Ben Roethlisberger, Cam Newton and Drew Brees all happened to experience injuries. Ben Roethlisberger has injured his elbow and it looks like it is so bad that he is going to have to miss out on the rest of the season. Sure, Brees isn’t expected to miss out on the rest of the year but he is going to miss at least six weeks. He’s had to undergo surgery on his thumb, and this is going to hinder his playing ability for some time. When you look at Newton, you’ll see that he is going to miss one game for injuring his foot. This isn’t too bad for the Panthers, but it is frustrating that it happened so early on in the season.

Of course, the NFL association really do not want to see any more QBs being injured. Sure, the league has gone out of their way to add rules over the last few years and most of them are designed to protect the quarterback. One referee might have gone a bit far when Miami were playing the Patriots. It was a home game for Miami but the Pats came out on top. A lot of sports and mobile bingo casino sites were stunned by the huge loss, but when you look at the track record for the Dolphins, you’ll soon see that there’s nothing more to be expected.

Apparently, Raekwon McMillan was told to try and stay off Brady. He made a completely legal hit on the QB. The Pats were winning (43-0) and the Dolphins struggled constantly to try and turn things around. The hit happened when McMillan pulled back instead of colliding with Tom Brady. Even then, he still got a roasting by Bill Vinovich’s crew. Tom didn’t say anything regarding the play, but the referee seemingly told him to stay away from Tom.

Sure, you can’t prove that the referee actually said this, but the story does seem to checkout. At one point you can see McMillan put both of his hands in the air afterwards. After the play, it looks like both Brady and McMillan looked at the ref so this could indicate that the exchange did happen. The problem here is that no flag was flown for McMillan and this reinforces the fact that what he did was completely legal. When you look at the Herald report, you’ll see that McMillan wasn’t upset at all at the roasting he received, and at some points it was even suggested that teams are told to stay away from Tom on a regular basis. McMillan didn’t get a sack on Tom, but he did get four tackles.

This was a painful loss for the Dolphins to say the least but if they are able to take something from this, then this should help them to come back stronger. Who knows what the season is going to hold from now on, but right now, it looks as though the Dolphins are going to end up at the bottom of the league.


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