Choosing the best foosball table

Do you have a gameroom in your home that is eagerly waiting to be updated with a foosball table? If you’re already an enthusiast who loves to play foosball outdoor, why not bring a table at home and enjoy the intriguing game with your friends and family members? As you plan to buy a foosball table, you have to watch carefully the wide array of tables that are available in the market. Once you set your foot in the market, things can soon get overwhelming and confusing. 

Before you venture into the market, you can do a quick research on the best foosball table brands so that you can stay informed and educated on which brand to buy and which not to. Generally, there are 2 categories of tables, the professional ones and the home models. The former comes with advanced features for foosball experts while the latter is meant for players at home. 

Choosing between a home and a commercial foosball table

Where are you going to place the table – at home or at some business location? Once you get the answer to this question, you can narrow down your field of choices. The commercial use foosball tables are sturdier, heavier and also loaded with the best features, thereby making them costlier. Home foosball tables, though being sturdy enough, are better for family and home use. They usually come in finishes which are perfect according to your taste. 

Outdoor or indoor style foosball table

There are few tables which have been designed specifically for outdoor purpose and hence they tend to be not only weather resistant but also seem to be appropriate for deck, patio or even for poolside. They are also built with rust resistant materials so that they can handle harsh outdoor conditions. When you don’t use them, it is best to cover them so that the color doesn’t fade away. Garlando, Berner, Playcraft and Park & Sun are few recommendable brands for outdoor foosball table. 

American or European style Foosball table

American and European foosball tables usually are different in their play and style. While the former focuses on the speed of the game, the latter focuses on the flexibility. American foosball tables also have 2 defenders and 1 goalie while the European tables have 1 goalie. 

Features of the game to watch out for

Apart from deciding the style of the foosball table, you also have to take into account the main game features. Few features that are common with most tables are ball entry, internal return of ball, leg levellers and side return. Among these, leg levellers are especially necessary as buying an uneven table will make the ball roll from one way to another giving undue advantage to the opponent. Few other optional features to take into account are octagonal handles, cup holders and neon lighting. 

So, amidst the wide array of foosball tables that you get in the market, you can surely find out the best one for your situation. Make sure you do a bit of research and homework to be informed on what to look for and what to omit. 


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