Embrace Winter This Year: 5 Great Cold-Weather Vacation Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Embrace Winter This Year: 5 Great Cold-Weather Vacation Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Apr 10, 2019, 8:29:00 AM Life and Styles

What’s your ideal winter vacation?

If your hometown experiences true winter — snow, ice, freezing temperatures, and so on — then you’re probably itching to head somewhere warmer come February.

That’s fine. You’re entitled to a little fun in the sun before winter is out.

But there’s plenty to do without leaving the ice and snow. Who knows? You might even feel the urge to head somewhere colder and snowier this year.
If you’re ready to trade in the Caribbean for the cold, consider these five great winter vacation ideas and destinations that won’t break the bank.

1. Backcountry Skiing in Colorado

Sure, you can rub shoulders with the jet set in Aspen or Breckenridge, but why spend three times as much as necessary on a ski weekend that, thanks to perennial road and piste congestion, is likely to offer just half the fun?

You shouldn’t. Good thing Colorado abounds with backcountry skiing opportunities for adventurous, experienced downhill enthusiasts. As long as you know what you’re getting into and keep close watch on avalanche forecasts, you’ll have the time of your life out here.

2. Ice Fishing on Lake Winnipeg

According to David Janeson, co-owner of Gull Harbour Marina, a lakeside inn in Manitoba, Lake Winnipeg is among Canada’s top walleye fishing destinations. That’s down to the lake’s vast extent, ample inflows, abundant food sources, and a confluence of historical factors.

Although overfishing may threaten the lake’s walleye stocks in the years ahead, walleye isn’t the only prize here. There’s plenty of variety for experienced and inexperienced anglers alike to take home.

3. Nordic Skiing in the Upper Great Lakes

Not a fan of swerving to avoid trees and rocks at 30 miles per hour? Opt for a gentler skiing adventure in the upper Great Lakes region: Ontario, Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern Michigan. The region’s vast, quiet forests, rugged terrain, and deep snowpack offer endless enjoyment for

seasoned and first-time skiers alike.

4. An Alaskan Cruise to Remember

The Alaskan fjords are far more impressive in winter, and rough weather makes winter cruises far more affordable anyway. Don’t forget your camera; there’s quite literally nowhere else like this on earth.

5. A City Weekend in Quebec

If you want to embrace winter, but aren’t really interested in roughing it, here’s a solution: a cozy city weekend in Quebec City, the most European-seeming of North American cities. The historic city’s hillside setting and French-style architecture is without equal in Canada, and the place looks even better in a coating of snow.

Stay Cold This Winter

Look at it this way: winter only comes once a year. Rather than turn heel and head for Florida or southern California or Costa Rica, why not lean into it?

These five winter vacation ideas won’t find you sitting on a beach, soaking up the sun — unless you’re fortunate enough to find a hotel suite with a sun lamp and fake sand. And that’s just kind of weird.

What these five winter vacation ideas do promise is a lot of fun, at a reasonable price, without crushing crowds. Sounds like a win-win-win. Just don’t forget to bundle up!


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