Five Easy Ways to Achieve a Curvaceous Body

Five Easy Ways to Achieve a Curvaceous Body

Nov 21, 2018, 8:48:24 AM Life and Styles

There’s no denying the power of attraction that comes with a curvy body. An hourglass figure is the epitome of the female form, and it’s enough to drive men crazy and make you the envy of thin women worldwide. But how do you achieve this look if you’re lacking in the curve department? Here, we’ve put together a guide to the best five ways to get a curvy figure.

1. Get rid of excess weight

The first step to accentuating your curves is to drop the extra weight that’s holding you back. It’s not just a case of building up muscle in your butt and thigh area; if you have extra weight around your body, you’ll find that you won’t be able to achieve the classic hourglass look. Start by undertaking a cardio routine that is optimized to help you lose the pounds so that your curves can start to shine. If you’re finding it hard, you can supplement with diet pills like the ones reviewed at to help you with this task. Before long, the excess weight will no longer hold your curves back.

2. Focus on your waist

A small waist will go a long way in accentuating your curves. If you think about the classic hourglass shape, the thinnest part is what makes the wider parts look so good. If you ignore your waist, then you’ll find it hard to really embrace your curves the way you want to. Incorporate strength training into your routine to help build your abs so that your waist will look super tiny and toned.

3. Don’t forget your upper body

Your curves aren’t all about your butt and thighs. In fact, the shape of your upper torso, which includes your shoulders, chest and arms, will help you to perfect the hourglass figure you’re aiming for. By increasing your lean muscle mass, you can help to achieve this goal. Use push ups and tricep dips to build the muscles in this area and you will start to see the transformation.

4. Time for the butt and thighs

The butt and thighs are paramount to the curvy look, so this is where you want to focus a lot of your time and energy. Without building your muscles in these regions, your curvy look is going to fall flat. Focus on doing butt and thigh exercises every second day in order to achieve a full, round look. You can do bodyweight exercises in your regular workout in order to achieve the look you want.

5. Widen those hips

The last area that you need to pay attention to is your hips. Wide hips are sexy and essential to your curvy goals. Though the width is largely dictated by your bone structure, there are exercises you can do that can help change the overall shape of your hips. You can do exercises like back pumps in your regular workout routine in order to get the hip width you desire so that you can complete your curvy look.

It’s no secret that curvy girls are full of sex appeal. Not only can your curvy figure turn heads no matter where you go, but you also promote a healthy figure type as you do it. By using our guide, you can begin your goal of attaining your perfect curvy figure.


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