How I Handled A Very Stressful Flight Cancellation

How I Handled A Very Stressful Flight Cancellation

Apr 11, 2019, 9:12:54 AM Life and Styles

There is nothing worse than having a flight cancellation. Although a flight delay of a few hours can be problematic, the ramifications are usually minimal. When a flight is canceled, on the other hand, an entire vacation can be ruined. Not only are a few days of vacation taken, but all of the investments that had been made for accommodation and transportation are lost as well.

Here are a few tips for handling a flight cancellation.

1. Arrive at the airport a few hours early

Although this may appear to be an obvious suggestion, there are many advantages to showing up to the airport hours before the scheduled departure. Early arrival minimizes your chances of being added to a later flight if the current one is overbooked. Arriving early at the airport also gives you more time and flexibility when deciding how to handle a cancellation or delay.

2. Understand what the airline offers for delays or cancellations

It is important for passengers to understand what their airline offers in the event of a delay or cancellation. Some airlines offer compensation in the form of reward points for future flights, and others offer vouchers for accommodation fees. There are even some airlines that don't offer any sort of compensation. Checking your airline's official website is the best way to determine your eligibility for making a claim about the flight delay or cancellation. Some airlines, such as British Airways, offer a calculator tool in their site ( to check your eligibility for a claim if you experience any delays or cancellations to your travel. As a passenger, it is important to know how your airline will compensate you during these potential events.

3. Don't book a connecting form of transportation too early

There are some advantages and disadvantages to booking connecting forms of transportation before arriving at your final destination. The costs are typically lower when booked in advance, and you can eliminate the stress of booking while on vacation. However, flight delays and cancellations can render these pre-booked forms of transportation useless. It is advisable to not book any forms of connecting transportation before arriving at your destination.

4. Sign-up to receive airline and airport updates

No traveler likes to receive constant emails or texts from airlines. This promotional content can be annoying and pointless. However, there are many reasons to sign-up for airline and airport updates that relate to flights. It is always better to learn about a potential delay or cancellation before arriving at the airport. This can save you a lot of time and offer you flexibility for making your next decision.

5. Pack more items than you will need on vacation

While there are many reasons to pack minimally, there are also some justifications for packing more than you'll need on vacation. A flight delay or cancellation is one of these justifiable reasons. Having extra clothing or toiletries can make a big difference when suffering from a delay or cancellation. Overpacking is much better than having to buy extra items because of an unforeseen hiccup on your trip.

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