How to Declutter and Organize Your Home Office

How to Declutter and Organize Your Home Office

It is so practical to have a home office where you can do your work even when you are at your home. Since it is a trend to have home-based or online jobs now, people set up their working stations at home to get that feeling of having an office setting. You could be doing your own makeshift office where you turn a corner into one by putting a desk to work on or you could convert an entire room for this purpose. If you already have one and you have been keeping it for a long time, one problem that could present is how you can organize and declutter it especially when it is starting to become stuffed. With everything that has been going on, sometimes it's difficult to notice how everything is becoming disorganized over time. There are some ways in which you can better your own home office to have an improved working station. 

Sorting Things

The first thing you have to do is to sort everything into simple categories. For example, arrange them per date, project, or purpose. Papers, materials, and other types that belong together should be in one area. If possible for your documents, arrange them by date so that it can help you later in separating relevant ones and those that can already be stored away or shredded. Determine only the essentials and check for non-essential and redundant stuff. You wouldn't need five staplers and so many pens because not using them can just dry out its ink in the long run. Keep your supplies only to a minimal amount in order to optimize its use and avoid spending on too many things you wouldn't need. Make an inventory of the things you decide to keep for future reference. As much as possible, bring everything down from the shelves and even drawers for you to see all the things you have in your office. This way, you get a better picture of how much stuff you have in your office and you can include everything into the sorting stage. 

Storage and Organizers

The only way you can store away your things is to create spaces for storage. Invest in more storage options and have a special corner for everything. For your files, get a filing cabinet that holds paper very well. For the smaller things like paper clips, highlighters, pens, and others, get a small cabinet with drawers where you can put labels on for an easy way of keeping them from getting everywhere. This will help you check if you still have enough supplies before you run out. Put labels on everything and commit to putting everything back in their proper place so you wouldn't misplace them and eventually buy again when you can't find them. If you want a clutter-free desk, remove most of the things you have there and maintain only your computer and essential writing materials. Keep the things you need most of the time within reach to make your processes easier. 

Let Go of Things

It could be quite difficult to let go of things, especially when you find some attachment to it, but it is better to find them a new owner or sell them for extra cash than to let them sit somewhere collecting dust. You can have a garage sale where you can let go of some of your things, including unused printer ink, toners, and other office devices and materials for an affordable price. You can find stores where you can sell these accessories as the folks at Sell Toner explained that there is still a market for these items online. The problem of keeping too much of something is that they can go unused for long periods of time past their expiration so you couldn't even make use of them which is a complete waste. Do not hesitate to sell your stuff, especially if they find their way to a new owner who will use them for their intended purpose. This is so much better than throwing them out eventually.

Digitize Documents 

The great thing with technology is that you can also digitize everything so you don't have to keep papers or even produce them anymore. It is easier to store and easier to retrieve since it is easy to search for a file on your computer. You can either store them on a hard drive or the cloud. You can already shred the papers you don't need so you won't have a stack of papers in your home office. 

Free Your Home Office of Household Items

It is convenient to keep different mugs or even plates in your home office for when you want to snack conveniently. You could also be keeping a blanket nearby for when you want to take a nap in the middle of the day. Although this is an advantage of having a home office, it can be distracting you from doing the actual work. Your goal should be to maximize your time to do the most you can in a day. You can do this if you remove everything not related to work, including your personal and household stuff. If you need a break, step out of your office and do that where it should be so you don't mix work for pleasure. This is also better in managing stress too because it gives yourself a break from the work pressure. Keep in mind that in order to have a clutter-free and organized home office, it is better to have the whole house to be the same. This way, everything is in their proper place and would look nice and organized. 

An organized home office will help you accomplish the most work-related tasks. This will also help you create a system that works better so you can save money and time. After all, it is so much easier to work in a place where you can focus on your work and not get distracted with things that are not that important and could only be slowing you down. 

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