How to Pick a Golf Instructor

How to Pick a Golf Instructor

Jan 31, 2019, 1:30:45 AM Sport

It does not matter whether you have zero experience in golfing or you are a seasoned golfer. You will need some coaching services at some point. Maybe it will be to get you into the golfing community, or you want to improve your skills. If you manage to land in the best golf academies, you should be ready for a success story at the end of it.

However, you might sometimes need to hire a private golf instructor. Your schedule might be a bit tricky, or you love some private lessons on demand. Just like a golf academy, you will need to put some considerations to find yourself the best coaching services. The following are tips on how best to choose the ideal instructor.

1. Clearly define your needs

Before you even go out on a hunt, you need to know what you are looking for. What are you hoping to achieve at the end of the day? Where do you need help? Being able to identify your goals beforehand will enable you to communicate with your instructor adequately. Remember that you are the one who will tell them the areas in which you are seeking guidance in. With that, you will be able to come up with a training schedule that will help you meet your goals.

2. Compatibility

Ever heard of a student not passing a particular subject just because he does not get along with the teacher? Well, the same will happen if you do not work with a trainer that you get along with. While choosing an instructor, it is essential that you understand their personality type and see if you will be able to work with them. For the coaching to bear fruits, there needs to be adequate communication between the two of you.

3. Experience

This is quite obvious. You cannot be trained by someone who has inadequate knowledge on the ways of the game. Well, this cannot be tied down to having qualifications to show that an instructor knows what he is doing. However, it will not hurt for the coach to at least show you something that reflects on their expertise.  Certificates and awards should be a great point to start with. You can also work with referrals; they might equip you with some information regarding how experienced the trainer may be.

4. Consider having a trial lesson before hiring an instructor

Why do you need trial lessons for this? Well, the coach might have all the experience in the world and a great personality. However, there might be a few habits that may get in the way of a fruitful training. For instance, not being able to keep time. If he is usually late during the trial, then you might need to run and never look back. If he tends to lack focus in the job, it is also not a good sign. The same goes for the instructors that tend to lean too much on technology, your training will not be practical, and it will give no value in the long run.

For you to improve your skills in golf, you need a trainer that promises to help you with that and one that does it. If you use the checklist above, then you have a better chance of becoming the best golfer in your office!


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