RTP and RNG slots explained

RTP and RNG slots explained

Human beings just love to gamble, don’t they? That is one fact that is simply non-negotiable these days – if anybody was to argue against it you could just show them the crazy extent of the global gambling industries, things that collectively turn over close to a trillion dollars annually with ease! That is mental, isn’t it? And the number is set to increase even further as the online gambling market inevitably expands even more.

This is good news for everyone really, as it means us gamblers will have more quality games to play on an online casino, and that slot providers will get more money to pour back into their slots. There can be one drawback, however, and that is that things are inevitably going to get more complicated in the field of online slots. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing though, as long as you keep up to date with the various pieces of lingo around you won’t get too confused. As a start let’s take a look at the terms RTP and RNG – read ahead for an article explaining what RTP and RNG slots are.

What is RTP?

Let’s look at RTP first – what on earth is it? This is going to be top of the list of questions for many beginner slot gamblers, as RTP on first glance is just a meaningful bundle of three letters. Well, the first thing to explain here is that RTP stands for Return To Player, something that will be incredibly useful to anybody who plans to play online slots and try as hard as they can to make money from the games.

What Return To Player means is really quite simple too – it basically signifies the amount (or return) that a player can expect to see back whilst playing any given online slot game. Due to tight gambling regulations in places like the UK online slot providers are obliged to disclose the RTP rating of their slots, and this in turn makes it a hell of a lot easier to make sure you are choosing slot games that give you the best odds. But anyway, RTP is given as a percentage that correlates with the return you can expect to see back from your wager. Aim for slots with an RTP of over 97% and you will have the best chance of winning!

What is RNG?

Right then, onto the abbreviation RNG. What does RNG stand for is the first thing to question, and the answer is Random Number Generator. That’s right, the RNG is a Random Number Generator that was essential in the development of video slots, and by extension of that online slots and mobile slots too. All of these things use an RNG in order to make sure that the reels spin completely randomly; it is essentially the engine behind the whole thing!

So all slots are essentially RNG slots, apart from the very old mechanical kind that can be hard to come by these days. 

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