Samuel Leach: Helping Others Reach the Path to Success

Samuel Leach: Helping Others Reach the Path to Success

Samuel Leach founded Samuel & Co. Trading in 2012 to promote his algorithmic approach to Forex trading. The Samuel & Co. Trading approach closely follows the trading strategies that helped him turn his £2,000 educational stipend investment into an impressive £178,000.

Since its founding eight years ago, Samuel & Co. Trading has become a global player. Their core business is training potential investors to build wealth through Forex trading. The team at Samuel & Co. Trading has a singular vision; to help as many people as possible achieve success in trading the financial markets. To date, more than 3000 people from 63 countries have completed the program.

Samuel and Co. Products

Samuel and Co. Trading specializes in two classes of products; investor training and trading algorithms. Their training programs encompass everything from free online courses to classes that combine high-intensity classroom instruction with simulated trading experience.

Their entry into the world of algorithms began with Samuel Leach's own Mr. T algorithm that he developed for his use. Today, Samuel and Co. Trading offers eight different trading algorithms to institutional and retail traders.

The Obstacles to Success

Most people, Leach included, prepare for a career in investments by earning a university degree in finance or related field. However, a university degree may leave students unprepared for access in the real world. According to Leach, individuals can build careers and financial success on attitude and application, not exam results and university attendance. The goal of Samuel & Co is to give their clients the skills to succeed and thrive in the world of Forex trading, no matter what their educational background is.

Why Forex Trading?

Foreign exchange or Forex trading is the process of exchanging one currency for another. Currency exchange is essential for global trade, and it's happening around the world, 24 hours a day. This exchange may occur for a variety of reasons, including commerce, tourism, or trade. According to the Bank for International Settlements, there is more than £4 trillion in daily forex trading volume worldwide.

Commercial and investment banks conduct most Forex trading on behalf of their clients. There are opportunities for individual amateur and professional investors to enter the market on a small scale.

The large daily trading volume of forex trading makes it attractive. Because the exchange is highly liquid, it's easy to enter and exit the market. Even a trader with limited resources can enter the market. However, becoming productive in the Forex market requires a deep understanding of global economics and the market factors that drive currency exchange rates.

Real Forex Trader Series 2

Trading currencies can be risky and complicated. Inexperienced traders must overcome many challenges to succeed in the market. One of the biggest obstacles is greed. This vice shows itself in the form of pursuing risky trades, hoping to achieve unrealistic gains. 

On the other hand, some investors are so risk-averse that they fail to make intelligent investments.

The purpose of the Samuel and Co. Real Forex Traders Series 2 is to give students of all experience levels the education and experience needed to spot opportunities and capitalize on them.

The class combines high-intensity classroom education in economics and finance with simulated trading, where students manage an imaginary portfolio. The instructors of Samuel and Co. evaluate each student’s performance and offer advice.

Avoiding costly mistakes in the market takes more than reading financial news and keeping a cool head. It requires the ability to analyze and synthesize information from a variety of sources. While excellent math skills are essential, there are many online calculators and other tools to handle the heavy lifting.

In the end, the most significant contributing factor to success is a real passion for trading. When participants combine this passion with the financial knowledge and simulated trading experience offered by the Real Forex Trader Series 2, their odds of success have increased dramatically.

Many people with the innate desire and passion for entering the Forex trading market lack the knowledge it takes to get started. The Real Forex Trader Series 2 challenge gives students the insight they need to survive the FX Markets.

About Samuel Leach

Samuel Leach came from humble beginnings. After an unremarkable career in secondary school, Leach found success in University. After graduating with a Dean's Award, he joined one of the United Kingdom's leading independent private banks. In 2012, he founded Samuel and Co. Trading in 2012.

Today, Samuel Leach is a well-known Forex trader and social media influencer. Through his YouTube and Instagram channels, he reaches nearly 500,000 followers. Also, he is a regular contributor to Forbes and many other publications.

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