Seniors Can Enjoy A Range of Benefits From Using Glo

Seniors Can Enjoy A Range of Benefits From Using Glo

Jan 28, 2019, 11:33:26 AM Life and Styles

Yoga is an exercise that helps to calm your mind and build your muscles. The best part is you can start practicing yoga at any age and physical ability level. There are programs that range from yoga for children to yoga for seniors.

Why Seniors Should Take Part In Yoga

Seniors should never let their age or physical ability stop them from getting the exercise they need. There are several benefits of programs that offer yoga for seniors.

Improves Balance and Stability: Seniors are at a high risk of falls, which can lead to injuries and other medical problems. Yoga improves flexibility and strengthens the joints and muscles. A stronger and more flexible body results in better balance and stability. This means seniors can prevent a fall from occurring in the first place, and they are able to recover faster should a fall occur.

Improves Cardiovascular Health: A yoga program can improve respiratory function in seniors. Yoga is also known to reduce high blood pressure in almost anyone. Improved breathing and lower blood pressure are both beneficial to cardiovascular health in seniors. It keeps their heart healthy and helps them to feel good enough to take care of daily tasks.

Improves Mental Health: There is something about yoga that gives you a peace of mind, and seniors who take yoga are not an exception to this benefit. Yoga involves a lot of breathing, concentration and listening to the body, and it gives seniors a sense of self-awareness. Yoga also promotes relaxation and reduces feelings of anxiety and depression.

Take Classes With Glo

There are many people who do not feel comfortable taking a yoga class in a public setting. If you or your senior fall into this category, you can look into taking classes with Glo.

Glo is a platform that offers online yoga and meditation classes. Their mission is to empower and educate individuals who are on their own fitness journey. They want to create tools that challenge everyone to unlock their true potential and lead a fulfilling life.

You have the opportunity to take a yoga class on your own device from any location, and you can set your own schedule to fit your lifestyle. Glo offers courses for various individuals, from the young traveler looking to stay fit to the senior who is looking to improve their balance.

Benefits of Seniors Using Glo

Seniors can enjoy a variety of benefits when using Glo instead of attending a class at a gym or studio.

Wide Range of Classes: Glo offers a wide range of classes for students of all ages, and this includes classes that focus on yoga for seniors. The courses range from the history of yoga to different exercises. Every class is taught by a certified, professional instructor with years of experience in yoga and meditation.

Option To Choose An Instructor: It is important for seniors to take yoga and meditation classes with an instructor who makes them feel motivated. This is why Glo shares information about each instructor on their official website. Seniors have the option to choose the instructor they feel is best for them.

Online Classes Provide Comfort and Privacy: Seniors who do not like face-to-face classes are sure to enjoy Glo. They can take an online yoga and meditation class right in the comfort of their own home. This gives them the privacy they are looking for without sacrificing the exercises they need to improve their health.

If you are interested in yoga for seniors, you can start with a 15-day trial before signing up for additional classes. Glo is dedicated to helping seniors reach their fitness goals at their own pace.


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