Various Vein Treatments You’re Not Aware Of

Various Vein Treatments You’re Not Aware Of

Mar 31, 2019, 9:13:25 AM Life and Styles

Many people experience the problem of superficial veins that become twisted and enlarged. Although these veins typically occur under the skin of the legs and cause few symptoms they can result in pain and fullness in the area and thus needs to be treated. If you too are suffering from this problem continue reading to discover some vein treatment options that you perhaps are not aware of and that can be of great help.

Compression Therapy

Try wearing compression stockings or well-fitted support hose to get relief from the problem. This will be all the more helpful if your veins are symptomatic. You can easily buy a compression stocking from a medical supply store and they are available in different styles including the pantyhose ones, those that you need to wear above your knee, and those that you have to wear below your knee. Also, they come in various compressions and your doctor will be able to suggest the ideal one for you.

Endovenous Laser Treatment

In this case, a catheter will be inserted into your vein. A small laser will then be threaded through this catheter and will be positioned right at the top of the affected vein. Short bursts of energy will be delivered that will heat up the vein and seal it shut. This procedure is performed under local anesthetic.

Stripping and Litigation

This is one of the most popular treatments for varicose veins. In this case, two incisions will be made, one at the top of the affected vein, close to the patient’s groin, and the other is made further down at the knee or the ankle. The top of the vein will be sealed and a thin wire is threaded and moved through the bottom of the affected vein and pulled out while also taking the vein along with it.


In Sclerotherapy, a solution will be injected directly into the target veins that makes them collapse and then disappear. Many sclerotherapy treatments are required to get the desired results. A variation of this type of treatment is foam sclerotherapy which is done under ultrasound guidance wherein an injection containing a combination of sclerosing agent and foaming agent is used. The foaming agent helps remove blood out of the affected vein and the sclerosing agent, thus enjoys better contact with your vein walls.

Transilluminated Powered Phlebectomy

An incision is made under the skin and then an endoscopic transilluminator is threaded through the incision so that the doctor can find out which veins have to be removed. The doctor then cuts the target veins and removes them through the incision with the help of a suction device.

Before you opt for these treatments you can bring about some lifestyle changes and see if that works for you. If you are overweight then try losing weight, try and be more hygienic, exercise on a regular basis, do not stand or sit for too long at a go, and keep your legs elevated when sleeping or sitting. If bringing about these changes for a few days offers no help then you should consult your doctor without delay and he/she will likely recommend one of the treatments mentioned above.

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