What Is A Facility Maintenance Service?

What Is A Facility Maintenance Service?

Mar 4, 2019, 3:26:58 PM Business

Facilities maintenance is an essential business aspect. It involves activities that ensure commercial spaces, infrastructures, and structures are in good operational order. These tasks are done in a scheduled and routine fashion to the maximize longevity of the facility, prevent health and safety risks, ensure compliance with regulations and standards, and avoid potential problems arising from a poorly maintained physical plant.

Facilities Maintenance Coverage

Facilities maintenance covers the architectural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and grounds upkeep of a commercial complex. In some organizations, this business area also includes waste management, janitorial, and custodial services.

With such a wide range of coverage, commercial property maintenance accounts for a major part of a business’ monthly expenses, especially when doing it in-house. Alternatively, organizations have the option to outsource their facilities management program to a third-party contractor known as facility maintenance services.

Facility Maintenance Services

With facilities maintenance services, the provider carries out the functions and responsibilities necessary for the upkeep of a commercial property or infrastructure. It is an effective, efficient, and affordable business model that can benefit businesses of any size.

Aside from the core maintenance functions mentioned earlier, different commercial property management contractors may also offer additional services that include:

·         Pest control;

·         General building repairs;

·         Building repainting;

·         Preventive maintenance on various equipment;

·         Repair/replacement of building components & furniture;

·         Monitoring and maintenance of security alarm and life-safety systems;

·         Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning;

·         Care of landscape greeneries; and

·         Upkeep of parking and outdoor free spaces.

Commercial facility services are operated by personnel with adequate training and experience. These companies ensure continuous delivery of services and guarantee that all your building maintenance needs are met.

Compared to maintaining an organic team, collaborating with an outsourced provider unburdens you of the challenges associated with an in-house maintenance department. These include recruitment, hiring, and training of personnel; acquiring specialist equipment and technologies; and potential work-related liabilities and risks, since the provider guarantees that all personnel are insured. It’s not surprising why 87 percent of businesses plan to outsource at least one area of their maintenance operations.

Benefits of Outsourcing Facility Maintenance Services

To better understand how outsourcing can benefit your business, a facility maintenance specialist at CSG, shares some of the key areas they can help you with.

1. Reduced costs

There are several ways property service companies can help cut costs. First, since they have expert professionals, they can do more in less time. Second, outsourcing eliminates the sizable manpower and HR-associated costs. Third, it removes the need to invest on pricey tools and equipment needed for building maintenance. Lastly, it transfers the liability and insurance costs to the facilities services contractor.

2. Boost efficiency

By delegating facilities management to a third-party provider, your team can concentrate on their specified duties and responsibilities. It enables you to redirect in-house employees to essential business activities aimed at improving customer satisfaction, boosting productivity and driving efficiency. Outsourcing guarantees that the highest standards are maintained throughout the facility, which benefits both your customers and workers.

3. Experienced

Commercial property services companies do not only employ trained personnel. They use the latest and most efficient solutions that will get the job done effectively and affordably. A reliable facilities maintenance company can help you explore strategies. Likewise, they offer other services that you might need in the future.

4. Streamlined process

Keeping track of facilities maintenance can be a major headache. By outsourcing, you only have to call one point-person in case of any concerns, questions, as well as, additional service requests in your maintenance operations. You can also take advantage of their existing best practices by incorporating it into your business’ processes.

Final Thoughts

Each of these benefits can add value to your business. By outsourcing facilities services to reliable, accredited facilities maintenance services, you can minimize business risks and improve opportunities for savings. Ultimately, collaborating with a facilities management provider enables you to focus on core business functions while ensuring that your physical plant is well-maintained.


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