Tips to Safely Get Rid of Paper Documents

Tips to Safely Get Rid of Paper Documents

Feb 2, 2022, 7:20:31 AM Life and Styles

If you're like most businesses, you may have all kinds of old papers piling up in filing cabinets. If this is the case, the coming new year might be time to think about which strategy to go for before you toss your documents in the trash.

Ask yourself: will you or your employees continue to use them? Are these files of historical value that you should keep? If it's the latter, there are ways to handle them listed below. If not, we have also rounded up some other solutions for the complete disposal of paper documents.

Know Which Papers to Keep and Throw Away

When deciding which records to keep, consider the value of each record. Assess the people who need to access it and what precautions you must take to safeguard it against theft. Here are some paper documents you should double-check before throwing away:

●       Purchase orders

●       Packing lists

●       Customer invoices

●       Order confirmations

●       Employee payroll (current and terminated employees)

●       Personnel records

●       Printed out email correspondence

●       Statement of accounts

●       Marketing strategies and business plans

It's best to have a document management system in place for all these. This will cover the duration of these documents. Make sure to keep them in a secure area, where only limited people can access them.

Different Paper Document Disposal Methods

Manual Disposal

It's in your power to train your company's staff on this crucial issue. Start by creating your own security plan for paper recycling and document disposal.

Give your employees tools such as multi-cut scissors or identity protection stamps. But, this can be time-consuming and inefficient.


Shredding paper is one of the most efficient ways to dispose of sensitive materials. Before purchasing a paper shredder, think about the volume of documents you need to dispose of. If your document volume is high, go for a heavier-duty model. It's also best to consider if you need to get rid of more than one type of paper.

Professional Shredding Services

Not all paper shredders can get the job done right. It does not guarantee that all your paperwork is completely destroyed. Most shredders only cut the paperwork into strips. That said, it's best to seek professional help like Absolute Destruction shredding services. This company has been offering secure and reliable destruction of documents and data since 1998.


There are other good benefits to using a commercial shredding service. Their industrial shredders produce a much finer shred. As such, it is less likely for shredded papers to be reconstructed.


Pulping is one of the alternative methods to dispose of paper documents. This involves soaking your papers in a bin full of water for more than a day. Afterward, these are mixed with a paint mixer to completely break down the pieces of paper.


Burning paper is another way you can try. A fire pit is the ideal disposal method for sensitive information.

A backyard is the best place to set your paper on fire. Just be sure to keep any flammable or burnable items clear of the flames, so they don't catch on fire as well. Keep a close eye on your papers when burning them.

However, this method is not safe. Burning paper is one of the most harmful things you can do to your health. You can inhale dioxins, carcinogens, and other toxic fumes. It is also bad for the environment.


Now that you know how to deal with your paper documents properly, you can already decide which method is best for you. Choosing the right way at the onset will save you money and time in the long run.

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