Surfing Holiday – What You Should Pack


Surfing Holiday – What You Should Pack

Aug 13, 2021, 9:29:17 AM Life and Styles

The holiday is always a thing of excitement for everyone. The fun doubles up when the purpose is surfing. The adrenalin rush that you can feel while rippling through the blue water has no match with any other water sports. However, the fun can be spoilt at the last minute if you miss any important item for surfing. So, you have to plan so well while planning for the trip. And in this planning section; packing is an important part that can save you from lots of hassles.

Before going on the trip, you need to do lots of research, especially if it is your first surfing vacation. Thankfully, there are many surfing websites that will give you authentic information about your destination. You need to check the weather as well. You need to start the planning at the earliest so that you can shop for all the things that you need to pack.

To ease your mission, here is the list of the essentials that you can purchase from the surfers website to make the holiday full proof.

Before starting the list, we must recommend you for travel insurance. It will help you in times of uncertainty and accidents. Now, we start exploring the things you are going to pack for your upcoming surfing trip.

First-Aid Kit:

When you are going on a surfing trip, the first-aid kit is the most essential thing that you should not forget. It is very common to have cut or scrap while surfing. So to stay safe from any sort of hazard, you must carry a well-stocked first-aid kit. It must include antiseptic wipes, rubbing alcohol, waterproof plaster patches, blister protector, skin closure strips, spray plaster, medical tape, saline solution, antibiotics, gauze, antibiotic cream and powder, Vaseline, and electrolyte powder. You can also take some over-the-counter drugs like pain killers that will help you to get rid of the muscle pain after surfing.


Though many people prefer to rent the surfboards from the spot, others take their own for better convenience. It is advisable to take your own as the availability of your preferred and suitable surfboard is not assured. Many people take up to 2 to 3 boards along with them like shortboard, funboard, and step up.

Surfboard Bag:

You need a sturdy surfboard bag where you can stuff 2-3 boards. The size of the bag should be bigger than your biggest surfboard. It is important because you need to pack your wet suits, some clothes and a towel that you need for the paddling.

Soft Rack:

You need to think practically while travelling with the surfboards as you need to put them in the cab. It is not possible to fit it in the cab, so it is better to have a soft rack with you so that you can pack it on the top of the car.   

Rail protector for Surfboard:

During travelling the rails of the surfboard often get damaged. So, to avoid any sort of harm; you should always carry a rail protector.

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