How can Parents Harness the Power of School Parent App

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How can Parents Harness the Power of School Parent App

Sep 28, 2021, 8:51:35 AM News

Parents, these days, are very much concerned about the progress and learning of their kids like never before. Two decades back, some of them wouldn’t even know in which standard their kids would read. Now, parents encourage their kids to participate in extra-curricular activities too to nurture multi-dimensional skills.


Education in schools has also advanced with the advent of a highly functional online school management system. Parents are assigned a dashboard on an app to explore multiple features to keep a vigilant eye over their kids’ study and learning. In addition, after the COVID-19 outbreak, education has also shifted to a hybrid learning mode, and in such a scenario, parents are more watchful about their kids’ education.    


The school parent app allows parents to get access to various useful features. This post will cover all the features that parents can avail with the smart school of their kids.


Progress Report


A school parents app immensely helps keep parents updated about the real-time progress of their children. They don’t need to wait for the monthly PTMs to interact with the teachers regarding their kids’ progress. Also, it enables them to suggest teachers if their kids need special attention on any particular subject.




Such an app assists parents to interact more with the class teachers of their kids and discuss their kids’ progress. They are just one click away from contacting the teachers and conveying anything regarding their kids or school activities. The smart schools have come up as a blessing in the disguise for the parents, indeed.




Parents have the liberty to pass on their feedbacks to school management with confidentiality. It brings more transparency to school management. Feedback is essential from an improvement perspective. The parent app in a smart school eradicates parents’ hesitation in providing their honest feedback about anything relevant.


Fee payment


In this digitally-driven world, making long queues at the fee counter of your kids’ schools sounds like an obsolete plan. Parents can now pay their children’s school fees using the parent app through several online modes like net banking, UPI, credit/ debit cards, etc. It saves them a great deal of time, and it’s convenient too.      


Parents-Teacher Meetings


The app-run smart schools have changed the picture of conventional PTMs where parents would wait for their chance to get feedback about their kids. Nowadays, the PTMs are also conducted online where parents can seamlessly interact with the class teachers of their kids. It is a convenient yet effective way to hold such meetings.


Important Notifications


Parents never miss or forget any important event in their kids’ schools since the parent app notifies them about the same. It helps parents involve more closely in the school activities along with their kids. They also remain informed about the activity-based learning programs and encourage their kids to participate in such programs. 




In a digitally dominant world, smart schools are the new normal. Hybrid learning is going to be the future of school education. The parent app allows parents to involve more actively in the learning of their kids. It will also help kids reap more fruitful learning outcomes with the support and involvement of their parents.  

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