How To Apply Nail Varnish Like A Pro

How To Apply Nail Varnish Like A Pro

Oct 26, 2021, 6:58:50 AM Opinion

If you just want to slap something on your nails and be done with it quickly then this article isn’t for you. For those who want to take their nail varnish game to another level and achieve expert results, read on.

Much like redecorating the walls of your home to get the best results, you should ensure that you use a nail polish remover on your nails to guarantee and smooth and flawless end result. Skip this step and the whole process might end up pointless. Try to go for acetone free nail polish removers if you find that your nails and cuticles get dried out. To do this simply saturate a cotton ball or cotton swab in the nail polish remover and rub it over the nails. If you find that the cotton ball or swab is getting dry, just add a bit more.

Once you’ve got them all nice and clean it might be worth deciding if you want to trim, shape or file your nails. Doing it now means that you wont risk messing up all your good work later on. To do this first decide what shape you want your nails (round, square, pointed etc). Then file the edges to get rid of any uneven sections and finally use a mildly abrasive buffer on the surface.

Your nails are your canvas and the next step in preparing your canvas is to clear away any clutter from it that might spoil your artwork. This clutter, are the cuticles. We need to push them back to create a nice neat surface to work on. Before we do that, we want to prepare and soften them. Take a dish or bowl and fill it with warm water and a little bit of a gentle facial cleanser. Just before you put your hands in there, give them a scrub with a body scrub to exfoliate them. Slide your hands into the nice warm water for about 3 minutes and at the same time remove the soap from the exfoliation.

Speaking from experience, this next bit can feel weird if you haven’t done it before but now id the time to push those cuticles back and finish creating your blank canvas. Do this using a cuticle usher and remember to be gentle. Don’t push so hard that its painful and certainly don’t make yourself bleed. Bleeding in the name of beautiful nails is a no-no. Push as far as you can comfortably manage into the nail bed and around the sides.

OK, I now you want to get to the bit where you actually apply the nail polish but wait. We first need to rehydrate your skin after all that exfoliating. We recommend using some cuticle oil and applying directly to the areas that you have just been poking. If you don’t have this you can use some thick hand cream and just apply it over and around the area of your finger nails. Then, once hydrated, remove the excess oil or cream off using some rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. Wipe away any excess that might be on your nails to ensure the most longevity for your nail polish.

OK, now we’re ready to start applying! If your nails have a tendency to chip, peel or split then we highly recommend that you apply a base coat. The base coat will protect and strengthen the nail and increase the longevity of the polish. Ensure that the base coat is even and thinly applied and that before going any further you allow it to fully dry.

Once dry, apply the first layer of polish. We think that in order to get uniform and neat coverage that it is best to apply 1 to 3 layers of polish to each nail. When applying, remove any excess from the brush – this will help you control the amount that you apply. Once you have achieved the desired number of coats, you should apply a top-coat. This helps to add shine to your nails.

And that’s it. Once done, if you’ve gone over the edge of your nails you can use an old makeup brush and a bit of nail polish and for those little tricky bits try a cotton swab to get right into those nooks and crannies. When removing, don’t apply too much pressure, just use gentle strokes to make sure you don’t get any excess nail polish remover on to your beautiful new nails.

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Published by Lee Roshan-Nahad

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