What Lipstick Suits Me?

What Lipstick Suits Me?

May 31, 2021, 12:45:38 PM Opinion

We once knew someone who held the opinion that lipstick is what brings a look together. If she was going out with friends then lipstick was that final element that gave the whole outfit that finishing touch. You can see why. When someone talks to you it’s common to look at their mouth. Having beautiful lips draws the eye to the centre of the face and makes you more engaging. People want to look at you. You attract more attention...

But how do you achieve this? How do you create that eye-catching look that draws people in. Well, one great way is through the effective use of lipstick. We say effective use because there’s definitely ways to use lipstick wrong and I think we’ve all seen that.

We’re going to go through a few basic lipstick guidelines that if you follow, will give you all the tools you need in order to add that finishing touch that will bring your look together just like it did our friend’s.

Once of the main factors to consider when choosing your lipstick is to determine what skin undertone you have. You may already know this but if you don’t and you’re not sure how to find out then use this little trick. In good lighting turn over your hands and look at the veins in your forearm and wrist. If the veins look greenish then you have a warm skin undertone, if the veins appear blueish then you have a cool skin undertone and if you can’t quite make our which colour they are then it probably means you have a neutral skin undertone. To be doubly safe you could try on some gold and silver jewellery. This one is a bit more of a subjective method but if you think silver looks better on you then it may mean you have a cool skin undertone and if gold looks better on you then it may indicate that your skin undertone is warm. The last trick we have is to decide if you suit pure white clothing or off-white clothing. If you suit off-white better then your skin undertone is likely cool. If your skin undertone is warm then you’ll probably look better in pure white and if you look good in both then your skin undertone might be neutral. This all takes a bit of honest critiquing of yourself.

So that’s the undertone taken care of but what about your actual skin tone. We can break this down into a few categories – deep, tan, medium, light and fair.

For fair and light skin we’d recommend sticking with lipsticks shade like coral, light pink, nude, peach and dusty shades.

For medium skin tones it’s probably best to opt for colours like cherry red, mauve, berry and rose.

If you have a tan skin tone then try things like deep pink, coral, and bright red but be sure to stay away from browns and purples.

And for deep or dark skin tones we would suggest sticking with caramels, plum, wine colours and blue/reds.

Depending on how deep you want to go into the art of wearing lipstick you could also take into account things like your hair colour, your eye colour, the shape and fullness of your lips and even the shade of your teeth. We’re going to get to the point here and give you bullet pointed tips on what colour/shade of lipstick you should use for each category:

Green Eyes - pinks and terracotta.

Blue Eyes – Shades of cherry and scarlets

Grey Eyes – Plums and nudes

Brown Eyes – Browns, bright reds and light pinks

Dark hair and tan skin – ochre, golden beige, bronze and terracotta

Dark hair and fair skin – Scarlet, bright pink, plum and cherry

Blonde hair and fair skin – purple/pink, light pink, dusty pink and scarlet

Blonde Hair and medium skin – ochre, caramel, salmon pinks and warm pinks

Red/ginger hair and fair skin – corals, salmon pinks, burned sienna and terracotta

brown hair and medium skin – salmon pinks, beige, deep husky pinks and corals.

Thin Lips – We suggest creamy lipsticks and glosses

Plump Lips – Opt of darker slightly darker shades

Unevenly sized lips – Use a pencil to outline the lips (a pencil in a similar shade to the lipstick)

Bottom dominant lips – Add a small amount of a light nude to the centre of the upper lip

Top dominant lips – Add a slightly lighter shade to the bottom lip than what you put on the top lip.

Yellow teeth – Rose, light reds, mild orange

White teeth – Anything you like

...Well hopefully that’s enough info to point you in the right direction. There will still be an element of trial and error but hopefully our guide can minimise the errors.

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Published by Lee Roshan-Nahad

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