The prospects In Android Development

The prospects In Android Development

Aug 20, 2018, 7:06:41 PM Business

The world is rapidly changing, technology is shaping up the world guiding in the forward direction. There are updates in the technology every now and then. Markets are very dynamic so it is very important to remain updated and walk hand n hand with changing technologies to remain abreast with the latest advancements in the technology world. In the earlier times there used to be big room size computer, then with advancements year by year came desktops and then laptops but now the world is being driven by mobile devices with touch-enabled software. In such a scenario, the most flexible and versatile software is Android, a Linux based operating system designed primarily catering to handheld devices like mobile devices & tablet computers which have the touch screen enabled the system. Android is constantly being updated, latest is Android 9 named as “Pie”. This increase the importance of Android Developer Training manifolds as it equips the person with the know-how of the Android operating system and it ensures the bright career prospect of the student as well.

Android Developer Certification program is highly in demand due to the following reasons:

1) Android being the market leader, in the mobile operating system is omnipresent in most of the handheld smart devices. The certification program gives you an opportunity to develop your own application, and launch it on the Google Play store accessing the world market. It employs your programming skills in the better way. It is not limited by boundaries to have access to the world market. This certification is a great way to explore the unexplored shores of the programming world. Moreover, Android being the leader in the Smartphone space is not limited & short-lived but has vast future opportunities.

2) The world is now moving towards the mobile devices, they are not just being limited to calling & messaging only like in earlier days. Today it has vast functionalities it can be your travel guide, help you exploring new place, plan & book your vacation, can help you in doing multiple other things too. The list can be endless for this. It has increased the importance of mobile devices and slowly has been replacing laptops for accomplishing works.  The mobile devices are portable, compact and user-friendly. Mobile devices are shaping up the world and the credit goes to the seamless operating system i.e. Android, which is the market leader in the Mobile phone market.

3) Android operating system is an open source is loved by all. Earlier there used to mobile-specific software but with the entry of Android in the market it has become so smooth and hassle-free usage of the mobile application which is not limited by the particular brand. This makes Android applications affordable and efficient for users.

Learning Android development is a lucrative and highly beneficial career opportunity as it has its presence everywhere in the industry and is an established market player in the smart phone devices which is continuously being updated with the latest version of Android is Android 9 – Pie. 

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