How to Make Your Very Own Relaxing Zen Corner

How to Make Your Very Own Relaxing Zen Corner

Oct 12, 2021, 10:25:27 AM Life and Styles

Having a safe getaway dedicated to your mental well-being is paramount now, more than ever. Hectic everyday life in busy cities like Sidney or Brisbane can take its toll on us. Heck, even if you are not living in a megalopolis, stress is hard to avoid. One sure thing that can help you out here is having a Zen base. Think of it as a charging station for you and your mental energy. Everything that you do or what is being done to you is draining and chipping away at you. Bit by bit. It makes sense to recover and replenish and as regularly as possible. Self-care starts with you and, we are here to help you design or bolster your idea for a relaxing Zen corner in your home.

1. Location, location, location

As in real estate, location is key. This makes a lot of sense, as you want to find that perfect spot in your haven. Look for low-traffic rooms in your home, like a bedroom or any spare rooms that you have. Your relaxing place doesn't even have to be an entire room. A simple corner can do just fine as you tune it to your liking (we will cover this later).

Also, keep an eye out for how the day-night cycle affects the space. Natural light is very healthy and good for you as it boosts your production of vitamin D and mental health. If possible, look to place your meditative center somewhere where the sun shines a lot. Or, if you like to cozy up away from the world and enjoy the solace of shade, then opt for a location that has just that. Maybe there is a part of your home that shines for you during the night.

Thinking outside the box, in this situation, can take you to a new place. If you have a garden, these can be a wonderful solution and alternative. They are a different environment where you are not surrounded by walls but out in the open. You can pick an area and adapt it as you wish.

2. Colours can set the mood

Colours are linked to certain emotions, that much is proven until now. Surrounding yourself with your favorite color is always pleasant and recommended. Whatever that color is, opt for it and try to incorporate it into your design. While vibrant colours like red and its shades can be invasive, try out orange or yellow if it best suits you. You can repaint this area or use items that are of this colour.

Relaxing tones can also be blue, purple, or teal. An option also exists to combine them, maybe even paint something on the walls if you wish. Multiple colours combined can help you out and make for a more personalized experience. If you are not sure, about mixing and matching you can go for a blander palette. Going with white, gray, or similar is a sure bet. These tones can blend in and are easy on the eyes. Soothing white that's easy on the eyes and exudes peace, tranquility, and purity can be combined with about anything or used solo.

Blander options can blend in more easily like various pastel colours which are there for an easier time and are mostly neutral and noninvasive. If you want to drift away easier or not be distracted, they are the to-go option. Of course, colours are not something permanent. As you grow and your needs change, you can always remodel, repaint over, and adapt your space to your new desires.

3. Invite Mother Nature in

Reconnecting with yourself can be easier with her help. Filling up your batteries to the brim while finding your center is everyone's goal. One that is much easier to achieve being surrounded by plants. However much you feel comfortable with is the ideal number and type. Opt for many low-maintenance plants as they need to be your ally and not a burden in your favorite surrounding. If they are fragrant types, all the better as they can release pleasant aromas and enhance the area. Taking any care of them can take your mind of troubling things as you focus on them.

Once you slouch back and relax, their presence alone will feel as comforting as a friend. Earthly elements have a certain aura around them, they remind us that we are one with the Earth, which is easy to forget if you live in a busy metropolitan area. Nature is needed to break the monotonous urban elements and bring much-needed vitality to any area. Plants can become your hobby or side project that is there in your favorite place. Any care that you give to them is returned twice a fold, as most plants are very thankful and will blend well with your slice of heaven.

4. Tech solutions

On the opposite spectrum of Mother Nature is tech but, that doesn't mean they conflict. Tucking away a discreet Bluetooth speaker in your setup lets you relax to any type of soundtrack you prefer. Ambiental, sounds of waves, rain, nature, you name it, YouTube probably has it. These can help you to get in the mood. An affordable, ergonomic massage chair with home delivery is also something that you can incorporate with little to no hassle.

These can be handy when you want to slouch back and zone away. Getting massages relaxes your whole body and helps your muscles release all that pent-up stress. Regular massages can also be very good for your mental and physical health. Lightning can be adjustable, with special mood lights. Maybe you want to read in your little snuggle corner or want to catch a bit of shut-eye. Adjusting the lighting can help you achieve Zen more easily. Or you can look at your little piece of seclusion differently.

If you like to unwind by watching something, a TV hooked up with documentaries can be easily made so that you can drift off as quality and selected programs are played in front of you. Disregard what the others are typically doing with their Zen spaces as achieving Zen is an individual thing and, what works for others, may not work for you. So, ask yourself, what brings you joy and refills your batteries. Then, fill up your relaxing corner with just that. The point is to spoil yourself so, you should aim just that.

5. Comfy furniture

Making your snuggle corner vision come true can be much easier with adequate furniture and accessories. Floor mats, or a nice warm and fuzzy rug underneath you can make you feel safe and warm. Different types of mats like, for example, a yoga mat is a handy accessory if you want to meditate in your secluded corner. You can surround yourself with bookshelves and fill them to the brim with your favorite books, throw a reading chair in there and snuggle up a reading lamp.

Or throw a bunch of comfy pillows, the giant size is preferred, and dive right into them. Bean bags are also a cool solution. On the other side of the spectrum is minimalism. Sometimes less is more and, it's up to you and your preference. A table, comfy chair, and light are enough, for some, to fully immerse themselves in a book. We are not all the same and, every Zen corner is unique just because of that. Combining furniture color, shape, and size, is also part of the fun here as it can shape the vision that you have for the place. You can go with standard or abstract, quirky or rigid, etc. Scour the antique stores for what you can find or, if you have some money lying around, you can always hire a carpenter to make you that one exact piece that you envisioned. If the goal is to maximize the enjoyment, then you shouldn't spare any expense.

6. Surround yourself with art

Art can provide fuel for the soul. From it, we can recharge and replenish our energy, sometimes just by looking. It brings tranquility in whatever form it comes. If you like painting, then you can opt for those that best fit in. Either by color or the message, they are trying to convey. Your special place can be designed for you to experience various emotions, and pictures can be perfect for this. Anything that invokes any emotion can be considered a form of art.

Sculptures can be placed on shelves, in between books or, you can get creative and compose your scene. One thing to also note here is the possibility of creating your art. Since you are already tucked up in your safe corner, you can feel inspired to make it personal. Addin your unique touch can come in any form. For example, you can start painting (or any other art form) as a hobby and maybe discover that you have a knack for it. And what better place to surround yourself with your achievements than in your special place?

7. Interior designer

If all of this seems like too much, there is no shame in reaching out. There are numerous specialized interior designers all over Australia. Consulting and conveying your wishes to them saves you valuable time and give you peace of mind. These designers have their best intentions when it comes to helping you out in realizing your dream to reality.

From all of the topics mentioned they offer solutions and suggestions based on their vast previous experiences. This all results in your vision becoming a reality and with maybe some extras added. After all, it's not your job to know the ins and outs of interior design and the specifics about every aspect of it. It makes sense to let all of that to them as you delve into your wildest fantasies and watch them appear before your eyes.

8. Unusual places can surprise you

A terrace can be a potential Zen spot. Yes, the first thing that comes to mind here is noise from below and from the same bustling city that you are trying to distance yourself from. But, if we introduce simple noise-canceling headphones, then it's a different situation altogether. Terraces can be a wonderful oasis of peace where you can surround yourself with dangling flowers and lay back, enjoy the sun and drift away.

If it's walled off, that's just more space for you to decorate. There is nothing that you can’t do here. Bring out a rocking chair, maybe a bean bag or a comfy rug, and enjoy the outdoors. If you are maybe working from home, a change of scenery is always welcome. Some people are enjoying their private time at a certain time of day. Imagine a sunrise or a sunset as you are sipping your favorite drink, slouched back and surrounded by the things you like, as your gaze drifts over the city space. Poetic, inspiring and, this moment is just for you, as this is the intent of Zen space.

Making any space your own and adapting it to your desires is an intimate process. It's not something that you should rush in as the goal is to create something that will always be there when you need it. With the hustle and peril of modern-day life, it's good to have something you know you can lean on. One constant in an ever-changing world that is always there to greet you with open arms. It's important to recognize the value of self-care. Refilling your batteries is now paramount, maybe even more than ever.

After all, you want to be able to tackle anything life throws at you while you are at your best. Having a dedicated Zen sport, a sort of charging station at your disposal can help achieve just that. We hope that our suggestions above have helped or eased this endeavor and that you will soon have your ideal recharge place. Somewhere where you can detach from this world and enter your own. It can make all the difference so, the best time to start is now.

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