The importance of physical activities on children's health

The importance of physical activities on children's health

Oct 18, 2021, 8:21:19 AM Life and Styles

In the olden times, back when a lot of us were kids, it was a lot easier to be outside and do lots of fun stuff and activities. Our fast-paced modern life comes with its benefits and tech advantages. At the same time, we are all aware of the effect it has on our kids. It's no secret that kids today are staying inside a lot and are having less exercise. It doesn't have to be that way as, with a bit of time and dedication, you can change this behavior and contribute to their health and growth. Developing healthy habits is much easier while your kids are young so, the best time to start is right away.

1. Physical development

When your child is active, outgoing and engaged in any type of physical activity, its body responds accordingly. Any activity is better than none. General forms of exercise or fitness exist for all age types and are perfect as they engage the whole body and every muscle group. Physical activity also helps with proper posture and bone development. Posture is the backbone of physical health and, laying the foundation of proper development from early health can only provide benefits in the long run.

2. Improving stamina and growth

Active kids require more food, or better yet, calories. This is completely normal as we all know that physical activities exert and demand more energy. With proper nutrition which is rich in both meat and vegetables, your kid will have the energy and elan for everyday activities. It's all interconnected as from those activities comes growth. When stimulated continuously, muscles grow faster and, the body is being conditioned to have better stamina overall. Such kids are full of energy and, no task becomes complicated for them to tackle.

3. Enlist a professional

All of this may sound overly complicated to tackle alone, which is completely fine and understandable. We all want what's best for our children, so seeking professional help from trained coaches is the right thing to do. Going to regular training develops responsibility and introduces your child to a whole new world of fun activities.

These can be a perfect addition to the already existing physical activities that you do together. Also, you can always ask your coach for best practices that you can use outside regular training and at home. With proper guidance and training, these kinds of additions to your child's physical training can be a welcomed addition, offering results down the road.

4. Group activities can make exercise more fun

Your child looks up to you more than you can imagine. In you, they see a perfect role model and, they aim to mimic everything you do. Using this knowledge, you can incorporate physical activities like family time and double the benefit. Benefits from such activities are not age-restricted after all. By exercising alongside your kid, you are doing both of you a favor. It doesn't have to be strictly an exercise regime after all.

Any type of activity can be done in various stages of your child's development. Once they learn how to ride a bike, you can go biking together. Getting affordable and safe kids bikes is simple, after which all you have to focus on is finding a new trail every day. Kids love to explore and see new things, so this can be a fun little pastime that you can do every day and not get bored.

5. Weight management

This goes without saying kids nowadays are spending way too much time in front of TVs and electronics in general. Add to that uncontrollable urge for sweets, chips and similar and, you have a recipe for disaster. Low physical activity combined with high calory intake can only produce weight problems. But, engaging your child in various activities and making that part of their everyday schedule, eliminates such problems. Their meals should be balanced, as should their day. We are not saying that you should prohibit them from watching TV but, this should be reduced to about an hour or two. And their activities should last at least the same amount of time.

6. Mental health and cognitive development

Physical activity has been linked to mental health and well-being, that much is scientifically proven. Double so for kids as early cognitive development can only be boosted by regular exercises. Just two hours a day for three days a week is enough to notice a difference. Being active produces serotonin, which is the happy chemical and, this is our body's way of rewarding us.

Developing healthy habits from such an early age is crucial for further growth. Exercises and group activities build up your child's confidence, social skills and make them more open and outgoing. Playing together with other kids can lead to new friendships and improved social interactions. All the while, they are having fun and learning new things.

7. Hand to eye coordination

About anything that has a ball, or something similar, involved can help to improve our hand to eye coordination. These abilities translate to other activities such as drawing, writing and fine motor movement. Our hands have a lot of joints and bones, with plenty of muscles in between. As such, these need to exercise as much as possible. Developing depth perception and improving coordination of movement leads to greater grace and better results. Practice makes perfect, so the more this is done, the less chance there is of injury.

8. Better cardio for better hearth

Exercising gets the blood flowing and your heart pumping. More so in children, as their heart rate is already a bit elevated than hours. This is perfectly normal and should be used to an advantage. You can sometimes be amazed, and mesmerized by the energy your child has and how fast can it recover. Using this and keeping them active helps improve their cardiovascular system. By reducing chances of child obesity, you are putting all those calories to good use and greatly improving their overall health, all in one go.

There is no downside to physical exercise. It's in our DNA as we are active by nature. It's how our kids explore the world around them, grow and develop. Our brains are wired to seek activity as this is the best way we learn and adapt to our surroundings. Building and laying strong foundations is our duty as parents. As said, we all want what's best for our kids and, it rarely gets better than physical activities. Once they get started, it gets easier by the day and, it's a joy to watch as they grow, develop and improve. An exercise a day will keep the doctor away.

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