Girls - Our voices will be heard

Girls - Our voices will be heard

Jan 7, 2017, 8:50:31 PM Opinion

Beyoncé once said: "Feminist: a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes"

With Beyoncé being one of today's most influential celebrities, I considered this to be a good and powerful start. I wanted to write about the equality of sexes for a while and this will probably be just the start of my series of articles about women's voices. 

I have always been interested and somehow concerned about the equality of the sexes. Why should men earn more? Why should women stay home to raise their children. We fought, we suffered but we didn't stop, we kept fighting and we will have to keep fighting! A while ago, I saw a post on Twitter about someone who was pretty convinced that - and I quote: - "If a girl wears a short skirt, she mustn't complain if men shout at her or act provocative". I could not help myself but respond to this ridiculous statement. 

A few tweets later, it became clear to me that the other person would not accept that women are equally human as men, so I gave up and started writing. I cannot believe that even in 2017, women are still considered the weaker gender. The way we dress is not a sign towards the men that we feel like being discriminated on that particular day, or whatever. Gender does not divide us in superior and inferior categories of society. 

I feel sorry for all the girls who had and have to live in the time where men feel superior and women should obey. Being female does not mean being less human, we are equally human and our rights should be just the same. However, it did not end with equal rights because women are still feeling insecure while walking on the street. Do you feel safe at night, alone, in the city? Probably not, because this is what we learnt, to be scared and to fear men who hide in corners at night. Well let's be honest, it is time we step up the game and show the world that we are just as powerful as men are. We can obtain equal success. We can do the same things. We Are Human! 

Ladies, women, let our voices be heard! Do not live in fear, fight for your dreams! Fight for the day the glass ceiling will break and victory will be ours. Fight to be treated like a human being, do not settle for less than you deserve! 

Girls - Let's run this world! 

Published by Leni Sonck

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