How To select the proper Cavitation Machine for Your SPA?

Cavitation Machine

How To select the proper Cavitation Machine for Your SPA?

Jul 20, 2021, 6:58:53 AM Opinion

Today’s spa it's common place to seek out a radio frequency, cavitation machine to assist your customers look and feel their best. However, folks are trying to find ways that to expedite the method or removing stubborn fat.

2020 is here, nice time to urge your shoppers aboard with their 2020 weight loss goals, the way to choose an acceptable cavitation machine to bring a much better results of weight loss for your clients? Below is that the latest curved shape Cavitation machine that may cause you to seem like a hero to your clients.

what's Cavitation Machine? however will It Work?

although most aestheticians grasp what is inaudible cavitation machine. The ultrasonic cavitation machine is that the latest trend in weight loss for many salon or SPA. It helps cut back fat from the deep layer of your body associate degreed helps lose pounds. Basically, it’s an ultrasound machine that’s designed to focus on and take away fat.

inaudible cavitation machine provides a non-invasive and non-surgical weight loss procedure operating by a low-frequency acoustic wave (frequency vary from 25kHz to 40kHz). The energy targets and destroys connective tissue vegetative cells within the fat layer, once then, the fat cell is rotten into free fatty acids associate degreed glycerol, forthwith after, these waste we tend tore discharged with the body metabolism. Finally, it's going to lead to losing inches round the treated area.

the advantages of inaudible Cavitation Machines

As we all know, an ultrasonic cavitation machine may be the primary alternative for fatty tissue treatment, benefits of cavitation machines as below:

– painless and non-invasive

– Body shaping

– Weight loss

– Get eliminate stubborn fat

– Improves circulation

– Improves skin physical property and tightness

– Deep tissue massage and relaxation

Things to think about Before selecting an acceptable Cavitation Machine

Budget vary

inaudible cavitation machines value vary from lots of to thousands of dollars, that counting on the whole and its features. you've got to estimate your budget and so compare all suitable cavitation machines in your budget target order to seek out the simplest value for the cavitation machine.


If you wish to maneuver the machine often from place to put and convenient to work, you will got to think about the load of the cavitation machine and its portability.


they need many alternative sizes between cavitation machines, vary from small, transportable to large, additional advanced machines. supported your budget range, the feature you want, and your SPA studio space, to settle on an acceptable size machine that matches for your SPA.

Weigh within the options

Next, you wish to choose the cavitation machine based on the features you want. some have a facial treatment function, others have a oftenness (RF) skin adjustment function, or with a vacuum RF head for body massage, whereas some move with the light-emitting diode optical maser panel for fatty tissue removal. So, select it counting on your needs.


Finally, the warranty of cavitation machine is additionally terribly important. once you get any issue for the machine, among warranty, you'll be able to receive replacement components free and repairs guarantee. Most cavitation machines with sensible reviews continuously have a positive warranty.

styles of Cavitation Machine

Typically, the cavitation machine mix different technologies with one machine. as you can see, there are some “4-in-1”, “5-in1”, or maybe “9-in-1” units on the net website. the subsequent are their features:

inaudible cavitation

This unit turn out 30KHz or 40KHz acoustic wave frequency, works on the body area. totally different frequency targets fat layer with different depth. below identical energy, 30KHz cavitation works higher than 40KHz.

This unit emits oftenness energy of 1,3, five MHz, applied on many points (poles). The additional poles provides a larger penetration depth of the RF radiation. RF unit will work on the derma layer. similar to bipolar RF device may be used for tightening the skin on facial wrinkles, bipolar RF device may be used for swish skin round the eyes, multipolar RF device will be used for the body area.

Vacuum negative pressure: another feature that you just can see on the cavitation machine is vacuum suction function. it always comes in vacuum and RF combination, facilitate dissolve fat, humour drainage, detoxification massage, firm skin and enhance skin elasticity.

light-emitting diode gauge boson therapy: a number of the cavitation machines have a red LED light-weight. the red LED light generates some heats, will increase blood circulation and improve metabolism.

Below could be a state of the art curved shape machine, excellent for your salon.

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