The Difference Between 40K And 60K Cavitation Machine

The Difference Between 40K And 60K Cavitation Machine

Jul 14, 2021, 6:11:25 AM Opinion

To lose weight has always been the target of many people. And there are many ways to lose weight, among which keeping a diet and doing exercise are the most selected ways for weight reduction. For some lazy guys, however, they will not turn to work out for weight loss, while being on a diet may cause harm to the body.

MS-12C2 is a 60K cavitation machine. For cavitation machines, there are 40K and 60K ones. So, what are the differences between the two?

Both 40K and 60K cavitation machines are using cavitation technology to reduce weight. 40K cavitation machine applies 40K cavitation technology, namely, using a gathered strong sound wave head of 40KHZ to emit strong sound wave, which rapidly vibrates the fat cells, produces innumerable vacuum air sacs inside and outside the fat cells, effectively strike fat cells, causes fat cytomembrane to have inward burst, dissolves triglyceride into glycerine and free fatty acid, and then discharge them from the body, achieving weight loss.

60K cavitation, however, gets rid of fat by blasting fat. By utilizing a strong sound wave head of 60,000HZ, it causes the fat cells to have frictions, then consumes the heat, and blasts the cells instantaneously. And it raises local temperature and then blasts fat, thus achieving fat removal.

60K and 40K cavitation can reach the deep fat body directly, has the advantage of the targeted location of RF output, makes cell body produce heat and friction when the fat cell tissue is inactive state to increase local temperature, and then excessive fat and toxin inside the body are discharged through sweat gland, enterohepatic circulation, and lymph, thus fat-dissolving can be achieved. Cavitation machine stimulates corresponding acupoints with the biological wave that produced by its electrodes. By taking advantage of different frequencies and pulse and under the interaction of various physical electrons synergy, it effectively stimulates the fat body and makes the body move to consume heat and fat once again, thus achieving body sculpting and slimming.

MS-12C2 applies 60K ultrasonic cavitation technology. It can effectively reduce local slackness and obesity. By adopting high-tech, it can manage the body in a safe, convenient, and rapid way. In addition, it can be operated easily, conveniently, and rapidly. And it can replace the weight loss and body slimming programs in the beauty salon and reduces local obesity for people pursuing beauty. It’s really amazing. It’s a device that you can use to lose weight at home easily. Moreover, it can work safely and effectively, and requires no injection, medication, and surgery. It has no side-effect and is used externally throughout and makes people feel comfortable.

It acts on the body by utilizing a strong sound wave head of 60,000HZ, which goes deep into the fat layer and deep-seated fat and vibrates deeply. High-frequency vibration can cause friction among fat cells, and effectively consume heat and cellular water, thus contracting fat cells. At the same time, one-sided vibration causes a strong impact on fat cells, which generates a cavitation effect. The small bubbles formed by cavitation vibrate continuously. They expand or burst instantaneously with the surrounding vibration. When hollows that grow inside and outside these fat cells get burst due to pressure changes, fat cells also burst, thus transforming triglyceride into triglyceride and free fatty acid which achieves the ideal effect of fat removal. 85% of the fat cells are dissolved and discharged through the lymphatic system, while the remaining 15% are transformed into carbohydrates and then consumed by the liver in daily activities. Breakthrough: It unites heating, vibration, and ultrasound. Compared to traditional ultrasonic cavitation, this equipment has a clearer effect.

What can MS12C2 can offer us?

Strongly blast fat, rapidly remove fat, dissolve fat, and shape body curve.

Accelerate detox and metabolism and increase skin elasticity.

Blast fat, remove slackness, relieve local fat accumulation, swim ring-belly, and thick legs.

It heats deep skin, stimulates blood circulation, and rapidly discharge body fat.

Ultrasound aims at body parts having difficulty in fat removal, bringing amazing effect.

MS-12C1 integrates heating, vibration, and ultrasound, can stimulate muscles and subcutaneous tissue, heats the deep layer of the skin, produces strong vibration breaking fat, speeds up metabolism, and instantly discharge body fat. It can be used to reduce the fat of the legs, arms and waist. One machine with multiple functions saves both time and effort and can realize your dream for body slimming.

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