Ultrasonic cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation

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The most common way to shape your body is ultrasonic cavitation (ultrasonic cavitation), which can provide visible effects without posing health risks. The procedure is based on the effect of ultrasound on the subcutaneous fat tissue, so unwanted deposits are broken down and discharged from the body in a natural way.

Translated from the Latin "cavitas" means "emptiness". This is a term used to describe the formation of bubbles filled with gas, steam, or a mixture of both. The procedure uses ultrasound to effectively eliminate body defects, cellulite treatment and the initial stages of obesity.

This kind of correction course allows you to get rid of the ugly volume of thighs, abdomen, sides, legs, back, buttocks and arms. The main advantage is that no surgery is required, so there is no risk of tissue scarring.

The essence of technology

The essence of ultrasonic cavitation is the use of low-frequency ultrasound to destroy adipose tissue. The result is the so-called cavitation effect, which is a catalyst to burn extra pounds. Through the tissue, ultrasound transforms the cell fluid into a gaseous substance. When the bubble bursts, the fat cells are broken down, and the decay products are excreted by the body itself, mainly through the gallbladder and liver.

Ultrasonic cavitation scheme

Cavitation is an absolutely safe technique that specifically acts on subcutaneous fat. Low-frequency waves will not damage the outer and deep structures of skin, blood vessel walls, muscle fibrils and other "good" cells because they all have higher elasticity.


Non-invasive conduction;

No scars, scars, hematomas and other exposure marks;

Ensure the partial elimination of excess fat in the problem area;

Maintain full sensitivity (ultrasound will not damage nerve endings, so all receptors will function as before);

Lack of recovery period;

Increase skin elasticity of processed parts and improve skin tone;

High efficiency (visible results after a few courses and bodybuilding after the course);

There is no pain and discomfort, so no anesthesia is required.

Perform ultrasonic cavitation

1. Prepare

Before exposure, the skin will be cleaned and treated with a special gel. It contains effective anti-cellulite ingredients and lubricants, allowing the manipulator to slide comfortably. During the course of treatment, all medicinal and nutritional ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, helping to improve its overall condition and destroy cellulite deposits.

2. Procedure

Ultrasound cavitation is an absolutely painless operation. People only feel a slight increase in local temperature, which is a response to cell contraction during ultrasound irradiation.

The heat generated liquefies the accumulation of fat and activates the natural metabolic process. The processing area is usually divided into several areas the size of the palm of an adult male. They are each exposed for 5-20 minutes. The duration of a procedure depends on the volume of the problem area. A session may take 20 to 60 minutes.

⏰ According to the execution technology, this procedure is no different from standard ultrasonic inspection. Usually the duration of the session does not exceed 45 minutes. Throughout the course, they repeat every 5 days.

Number of treatments

Depending on the nature and size of the problem area, 5 to 7 cavitation procedures are specified. If necessary, perform 1-3 times after 4-6 months.


Impact zone

Ultrasonic cavitation is very effective in correcting defects:







Chin (eliminating "double" chin) etc.

For best results, lymphatic drainage massage is also recommended. It accelerates the metabolic process and helps to quickly eliminate the decaying elements of fat cells in the body.

Suggestions before and after the meeting

3 days before the scheduled procedure, you should completely exclude the use of alcoholic beverages and high-fat foods. At this time, it is best to eat light, low-calorie foods. In order to make the results as significant and stable as possible, you need to follow some rules:

Daily drinking plan-at least 2 liters of clean water;

A diet that restricts fat and carbohydrate foods;

Self-massage the treated area twice a week;

Cavitation is combined with additional anti-cellulite and lipolysis technology;

Correct lifestyle and diet;

Perform moderate physical activity after each operation to enhance the effect.

✔ Indications:

The appearance of cellulite visible to the naked eye;

Local fat deposits;

Need to correct liposuction results;


✘ Contraindications:

Pregnancy and lactation;

Renal Failure;

Chronic infectious disease;



There is a wound surface in the area to be treated;

Clotting problems;


Pathology of the immune system;

Uterine fibroids.

Ultrasonic cavitation


Obvious results can be obtained after the first course of treatment, because about 15 cm 3 of fat is removed at one time (minus 3-5 cm from the waist). After a few treatments, the waist circumference will be reduced by 7-10 cm, and the "orange peel" will also disappear.

When you lose weight with the help of a diet, the size of fat cells will only decrease, so when you switch to a regular diet, all the weight lost will quickly recover. Ultrasound allows you to completely destroy these structures without being able to restore them. If the amount of overweight is not critical (in the range of 10-20 kg), the most significant and overwhelming results can be expected.

Before and after cavitation

The first change will appear within a few days after the initial session. The skin becomes firmer and more elastic, and blood circulation in the treated area is stimulated to promote the regeneration process. therefore:

The appearance of cellulite disappears;

Body fat loss;

Skin elasticity recovery;

Small scars and stretch marks disappeared.

✘ ✘ ✘ Side effects

In rare cases, ultrasonic cavitation can cause side effects:

Burns (if the percentage of fat tissue is very small);

In the presence of immune diseases, there is a risk of inflammatory processes and tissue dehydration;

It is initially recommended that a full-body examination be performed in order to promptly identify individual intolerances, diseases in the contraindication list, and the risk of deterioration of chronic diseases.

✪ Compatibility with other treatment methods

Ultrasonic cavitation is perfectly combined with lymphatic drainage and vacuum roller massage, mesotherapy, lifting, ozone therapy, compression therapy and electrolysis fat therapy. Stimulating the lymphatic system will help to quickly remove harmful waste from the body so that they will not be deposited in other tissues and organs.

Three tools

The device is a gradual development that makes ultrasonic cavitation procedures safer and more effective. Triworks is specifically designed for the cosmetics industry. It has a unique digital mobile phone calibration system that can continuously generate ultrasonic waves in the low frequency range.

Italian equipment Triworks

The device's microprocessor allows precise control of the power and resonance frequency of the magnetic amplifier, so Triworks can be easily adjusted to the needs of a specific patient.

Waves pass freely across the skin surface and produce a cavitation effect, causing the destruction of fat tissue and rapidly reducing its volume to the required level.

At Apecsmed Clinic, all cavitation operations are performed on these Italian-made equipment. You can register for cavitation on our website.

For accurate calculation of service fees, please contact the clinic administrator by phone: +7 (812) -305-14-71

Use TRIWORKS equipment for non-surgical liposuction. Cost, rub. )

 Tie a knot on the Triwoks-abdomen (abdomen, side)-60 minutes. 4200

 Knot on Triwoks-hips-60 minutes. 4200

 Knot on Triwoks-hands-60 minutes.


 Tie a knot on the Triwoks-abdomen (abdomen, side)-30 minutes. 2500

 Knot on Triwoks-hips-30 minutes. 2500

 Tie a knot on Triwoks-hands-30 minutes. 2500

 Knot on Triwoks-hips-30 minutes. 2500


Valeria Sergeyevna:

She underwent a cavity operation to remove excess fat in the abdomen. Almost immediately I noticed that the fat layer was dense before, but now it is starting to soften in some way, so the annoying volume is easier to leave. It has been a while since the last operation, but the results are very good. I have no complications at all. So don't be afraid to try, especially because this method does not require you to put in too much effort, such as hard exercise and self-abuse diet.


Before the wedding, there is an urgent need to tidy up the figure. I chose a complex of cavitation, compression therapy and anti-cellulite massage. She barely lost weight (only 2 kg), but the difference in size is amazing. The cellulite completely disappeared from my thighs, and now I am wearing jeans that have not fit for a few years. The whole person was relaxed, got a rest, and his emotions became brighter inexplicably. In general, this is not a cheap enjoyment, but it is worth it.


Passed 2 courses of 6 programs. The first time I worked on a flat stomach, I was very satisfied with the amount of fat lost. Then it was the buttocks' turn. I and everyone are very happy!

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