What's The Difference Between 40K And 60K Cavitation Machine

What's The Difference Between 40K And 60K Cavitation Machine

Jul 15, 2021, 7:15:29 AM Opinion

40K machine is the mainstream in the field of fat-reducing machine on the market in recent years. What does 40k refer to? Actually, 40k refers to the frequency of ultrasonic wave. After up to 40,000HZ strong ultrasonic wave is emitted and enters human body, the adipose cells will take powerful impact and friction will occur among them, which can effectively consume energy and water to shrink those cells. In addition, some cells will burst and be reduced when the sound wave vibrates them. In this way, this machine can help reduce fat. Its effectiveness is highly praised by most of our customers.

We had launched our new product known as 60k cavitation machine lately and it gains popularity among people. What advantages does this machine have over other beauty machines? Firstly, it can produce 60, 000HZ sound wave to make adipose cells take strong impact and friction among them occur, thus consuming energy and water to shrink those cells. And some cells will burst and be reduced when the sound wave vibrates them. Compared to other beauty machines, it can directly act on fat. Besides, 60k machine produces less noise than 40k machine. The latter may let customers experience tinnitus during the treatment.

Plus the working handle of the 60k machine has vibration function. Ultrasonic wave, together with vibration, can greatly promote its effectiveness in reducing fat. Just like massage technique, vibration can make the treatment area produce general movement. Heat emitting is another major feature of this 60k machine. Under normal circumstances, there is no heat coming out from the working handle of a ultrasonic machine and its temperature almost keeps unchanged during the treatment. This added function can make customers feel comfortable during the treatment and help achieve better fat-reducing effect.

How often do I take this treatment? There are mainly three products after fat decomposition: H2O, glycerine and fat acid. Water and glycerine can be moved to lymphatic system and be excreted from body in urine. And fat acid will be absorbed by liver and used as a source of energy at an accelerating rate under the influence of heat. As for 60k machine, it can be used on almost every fat area of your body. The interval between two treatments is 7-10 days. Each treatment takes 30 minutes and 6 treatments within 2 months is one course of treatment. Skin reactions and temperature need to be monitored in a real-time manner during the treatment.

Things you should keep in mind: in order to ensure the effectiveness, you can take in some whey protein, vitamin B and C.

1. Eat the whites of1-2 boiled eggs, oatmeal and fruit or vegetable juice for breakfast.

2. Eat tofu, vegetables or less greasy foods(low-calorie meats such as beef and chicken)for lunch.

3. Eat some fruits and vegetables for dinner.

Briefly speaking, the extra functions of vibration and heat emitting make this 60K machine play a more powerful role in reducing fat than 40K machine.

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