Finding the Self

Finding the Self

Finding the Self.
People find it in different ways.
Spending significant time in solitude, time in nature, through mindfulness, meditation and pondering often, with curiosity and contemplation.
It can be revealed in the aftermath of a traumatic experience; when the pain in your outer experience is transmuted into awareness in your inner experience.
Some reach a level of amplified receptivity through a psychedelically activated mind, letting them peak through the microscope for a few hours and see inside themselves.

People unlock things through yoga, reading books or spontaneously.

It may also never happen, after a lifetime of “practice” and “trying”.
However, if it does occur, I feel that the catalyst begins with the cultivation of a deeper relationship with yourself.

When you don’t have anyone or anything to fall back on as a safety net, you are forced to look inward, in your self for comfort and understanding.

You begin to understand your inner workings, processes and mental chatter, the way you perceive the world, other people and how other people perceive you.

You begin to feel completely comfortable, inspired and connected from within yourself.

If you sit with it for long enough, eventually the fundamental question of consciousness arises.

Why am I conscious?

Why am I in this body,

Why am I in this point of reference in the universe?
I inside my head - who am I?
When you watch, you begin to recognize a duality within yourself.
The human, mechanistic, biological brain producing thoughts - electrical impulses driven by the body.

I, Me, takes in information, processes it, categorizes, analyses and makes useful decisions out of it. This is all going on constantly.

But I can also step back from that, and observe the process going on independent of my self.

I can watch the mind, skipping and jumping around, making comments and judging my surroundings.

I can be the still observer, watching the chaos inside.

This leads me to find that there are 2 states of being, and 2 parts to what we are;

The mind, brain, ego. - 
And the Self.
The outer characters, roles and identities we play are the Ego.
You, Me, We are all the Self, the One awareness behind.
L 🌏

Published by Leroy Wiseman

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