4 Benifits of Ayurvedic Medicine

4 Benifits of Ayurvedic Medicine

Jan 8, 2017, 8:02:18 PM Life and Styles

Ayurvedic Medicine originated in India and is an ancient old tradition in which the use of Holistic (whole body) medicine is used. What sets Ayurvedic Medicine apart from Western medicine is the use of herbal and psychological treatments to diagnosing and curing a wide range of illnesses from hormonal, inflammatory, digestive problems to autoimmune and various mental illnesses. Ayurvedic Medicine can also reverse the effects of Dosha -Imbalance of the body- before complications and symptoms arise. Western medicine however can only detect illness once symptoms appear and when the disease has already started to manifest inside of the body. If You hate taking pharmaceutical drugs and prefer a natural approach to treating illness then here are 4 benefits to Ayurvedic Medicine to consider:

1) No Side Effects


One of the biggest drawbacks to Pharmaceutical drugs is the fact that many of them pose serious side effects ranging from mild to severe, some of which being more dangerous then the illness they are suppose to treat. According to a report in the Journal of General Medicine, Over 62 million deaths occurred due to medication errors and 2.3 million drug related visits to emergency rooms were due to adverse reactions to pharmaceutical drugs. In a recent study conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration a warning was made to consumers emphasizing the fact that people should not assume that there is no risk to prescribed medicines– including death. Ayurvedic Medicine disproves just that and the chances of adverse reactions are slim due to its holistic natural approach.

2) Non Invasive and Non Toxic


While Western Medicine has proven effective at treating Acute conditions its not always effective at treating Chronic Illnesses. The treatments for Chronic Illnesses are often aggressive, invasive and painful- these factors leads to many people delaying treatment which can lead to other health problems. A report conducted by pearl.com revealed that over 87% of Americans delayed visiting the doctor due to long wait times and over 21% of Americans felt too embarrassed to talk to their doctor about health related issues. Ayurvedic Medicine is both non invasive and non toxic; finding holistic medicine that works for you can be done in the comfort of your home without the added stress of worrying about medication side effects and invasive, painful treatments that may or may not work.

3) Convenient


Ayurvedic Medicine uses a Holistic approach and most of the herbs used in Ayurvedic Medicine can be found in your kitchen cabinet. In the west Garlic is best known for its amazing taste and is a common household dish used for seasoning foods. However, in Ayurvedic Medicine, Garlic is used for treating various illnesses including cancer. Cinnamon is another common household dish used in the west and in Ayurvedic Medicine it is used to regulate menstruation, lower blood glucose levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

4) Save Money


Pharmaceutical drugs are not cheap and if used for long periods of time the body becomes immune to it making them no longer effective. This leads to an endless cycle of paying more then what you came for. Ayurvedic Medicine is available both online and offline and are sold at an affordable price. However, it is advised that you research the Herbal Medicine before you buy it and consult with your doctor if you are taking any medication that may interact with the herbal medicine.

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