Impact of Social Learning App on School Going Students

Impact of Social Learning App on School Going Students

Jan 4, 2022, 9:00:06 AM Business

Social learning is not just the future, but the present as well. Not many of you know the fact that it’s been around half a century. Also known as social cognitive theory, we know social learning today is the fast way to learn.

As per the social cognitive theory, students, especially the school going ones learn more through interactive learning and by looking at others.

Especially with the presence of social learning app of different kinds, students find a structured learning environment giving them the flexibility to learn at their own pace.

Students care more when they find that online skill providers care more about them by providing curriculum sessions. It allows students to be more interactive and focused. Moreover, the online way of learning from app gives an added advantage to be regular to learn more and add new skills to the forefront.

How to Leverage the Social Cognitive Learning by Students from Interactive Apps?

1. Start the Social Training

Social app learning is all about encouraging the acceptance of interactive learning for school students. Instead of sticking to the traditional classroom sessions, students using learning app focus more on scalable & flexible learning.

This particular social cognitive theory of learning enhances the interpersonal exchange of students. They get to understand the perspectives of learning session providers on the app to find it more interactive and engaging. Moreover, you can retain more information by getting easy access to learning videos from the past and the present.

One more advantage of adopting this form of learning is to imitate others and improve the problem-solving process. At the tender age of school students, they tend to be easily influenced by their friends and classmates. So, adapting to the new age of learning from the app allows everyone around to look forward to the same and then follow the same sort of interesting learning.

2. Connect with Learners Easily

Even as a learner, coaches, teachers, and instructors find a new connection with students who watch particular subject matter videos. Unlike the dull and boring environment of the traditional classroom sessions, online app learning encourages teachers to be more motivated.

Followed by the widely circulated rule of the 70-20-10 Model for training and development, teachers find much of the positive learning comes from video interactions. When students view particular videos, provide likes or comments, the instructors find the engagement level. In short, they feel more inclined towards talking about a particular subject and further enrich student’s knowledge.

3. Gamify Learning Pattern

Gamification in social learning through the app is an emerging way to feel more inclined towards interesting and fun-loving learning. It’s more than just getting more points from the game but rather learning at the same time along with sharing the success with others. On the other side, it starts a trend to mix up the quality time of gaming with learning and skill development for students.


Microlearning through social interactive apps is rising at a rapid penetration. It is more about what you learn rather than focussing on how do you do it. What matter the most is enhancing the way of acquiring new learning school curriculum concepts for students through the way of watching videos and playing games.

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