How to get your nursing license revoked in Pennsylvania?

How to get your nursing license revoked in Pennsylvania?

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There might be different reasons for that, such as leaving the country, pursuing a new career path or just giving up the current profession. 

The Pennsylvania Board of Nursing may also revoke the nursing license because of a number of causes, starting from law violations to carelessness.

Whatever the reason, you must know that you will no longer be able to practice as a nurse, as well as use the title of nurse. If you, however, need some information on how you can have your nursing license revoked, then you have come to the right page. 

Simple steps to have your nursing license revoked in Pennsylvania

To revoke a nursing license, you must apply to the Pennsylvania Board of Nursing, requesting a nursing license revocation. It is important to know that all revocations must only be made in accordance with the regulations of the Board.

Furthermore, you may only have your license revoked by majority vote of the members of the Board, after a full and fair hearing before the Board of Nursing. All actions of the Board must be taken subject to the right of notice, hearing and adjudication, and the right of appeal in accordance with the provisions of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes.

Once the Board revokes the license, it will be permanently invalid, taking away your right to legally practice nursing in the state. 

After having the license revoked, the Board may in some cases, reissue the nursing license in accordance with the rules, laws and regulations of the Board. 

Nursing license revocation causes

Not only will your license be revoked on your own will, but the Board may also decide to prevent you from practicing nursing. The reason for this is that Boards receive complaints about nurses and other licensed professionals yearly. 

What is more, they take every complaint into consideration seriously and try to manage cases, which might affect the public health in a negative way. To clarify, the Board might revoke your nursing license if you:

  • Are negligent or incompetent in the practice of professional nursing
  • Have repeatedly violated rules of the Board
  • Are not able to practice professional nursing with reasonable skill and safety to patients, due to mental or physical illness and condition 
  • Have dependence upon alcohol, hallucinogenic or narcotic drugs, which impair judgment or coordination
  • Act in such a manner, which portrays an immediate and huge danger to the public health 
  • Have committed fraud or deceit in the practice of nursing

The above-mentioned points do not make up the entire list of revocation causes, as there are other cases as well. 

License suspensions

In case there is a crucial cause for giving up nursing, but you intend to come back to your profession after a while, then you may consider suspending it. The difference between suspension and revocation is that the former is permanent, whereas the latter is temporary (for a certain period). 

You may temporarily suspend your nursing license under circumstances determined by the Board to be an immediate and clear danger to public health and safety. 

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