Snippet ReInvited

Snippet ReInvited


Tynisha Johnson is not your ordinary young girl. She has her share of ups and downs medically. Tynisha was born with an autoimmune disease called Myasthenia Gravis. This illness causes weakness in the voluntary muscles of the body. For Tynisha it affected her mostly in her eyelids. She doesn’t look like your normal teenager and her peers have their own way of expressing this to her. Join me in finding out how Tynisha learns to deal with living a life with this auto immune disease and on top of that she has asthma as well.


Tysie Cherall

Main Character

Tynisha Rochelle Johnson




The kids are getting off the bus and Tynisha is the last one off as always. She gets off wearing her yellow and white plaid sleeveless hoody and dark sunshades. Walking to her home she feels baby, balls and water being thrown at her and own her. She heard screams and yells “Y’all say goodbye to the blind girl”, “Yo, Ty give me some of what your smoking I want my eyes to look like yours.” Tynisha just ignored them as usual. “Ty if you let me fuck I’ll be your friend you know you ain’t got none!” Unfortunately, this was almost an everyday thing for her at school especially when a certain bunch of kids rode her bus home. Her mom normally picks her up from school but this week she had to ride the bus for her mother had house rentals to show all week.  

Tynisha continued to walk home and enter her home as normal. On her way in she heard her name being yelled in the background and she had, had about enough and right when she was about to turn around ready to fight she seen it was her friends from the neighborhood coming up her drive way.

“Hey Savannah, Terrell, and Zeya”

“Hey girl what’s going on with you?” asked Savannah, “Nothing girl just another day of my sorry ass life at school of being teased, picked on and spit at as usual.”, “So, why don’t your momma just take you out of school and let you be homeschooled?”, asked Zeya “To be honest Zey that is a good question and when you see my mom ask her for I have asked her this a plethora of times and as we can see I am still going through a living hell at Oaklawn Junior High.” The kids hung out and chilled for a bit. They talked and clowned around, did flips outside the front of the house and then the girls had to go they had homework for their homeschool classes. As Tynisha says her goodbyes Terrell yelled and told the girls “Go ahead I’ll catch up with you guys” he turned to Tynisha “Say boo let me get a bottle of water right quick before I take this walk back to the house.”, “Don’t you guys have water at your house? I don’t know you like that to have you all up in my house and my momma don’t allow this anyway.” Stated Tynisha “Man look, I’ll stand right here outside the door until you come back.” Tynisha looked at him in a kind of undereye look and walked into her front door closing it behind her but not locking it. This Terrell dude is like three years her senior and had been held back in high school like three times. Tynisha has seen him around the neighborhood and they had hung out in groups and clowned around but she didn’t go to school with him or really knew him on a personal level but being nice she decided to get him the water…


Tynisha made her way into the kitchen putting down her school bag, purse and keys, and walked over to the refrigerator to get the bottle of water but before she could get it and return to the door he had made his way into her home. She reached him the bottle of water looking at him with this disgusted look and he took it and placed it on the nearby counter. “So, what’s up Ty?” he jokingly asked her “Nothing boy, my mother will be home soon you must go she doesn’t allow company in the house when she is not home.”, “Give me a kiss and I’ll leave.”, “Boy I am not kissing you, I don’t even rock with you like that.” Tynisha stated as she playfully pushed him in his chest and attempted to walk past him back towards the door to go outside.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her back and begin to try to kiss her in her mouth and she slapped him. “Boy! What the fuck you think you’re doing!?”, “Come here you know you want this…”, “Man, stop what are you doing?” she pleaded with him as he cuffed both her hands behind her back and walked her backwards through the arch way in her mom’s home. It leads to the living room area. Tynisha squirmed and tried to get loose, she could feel the tears falling down her eyes but she refused to let her cries come out. She did not want him to see or hear her scream she did not want to give into fear. He tripped her with his foot by placing it behind hers and guiding her body down to the couch with one hand as he laid on top of her. Tynisha was wearing her junior high school gym shorts. He laid on top of her and slide her shorts to the side with one hand and unfastened himself. Tynisha screamed and squirmed trying to get lose but due to him having both her hands cuffed behind her she couldn’t move.

With tears rolling down the sides of her face she closed her eyes and zoned out and before she knew it, it was over and he was gone with his bottle of water. Tynisha laid there in a daze for a while crying silently. Not sure of what just happened, not even sure of where she was for a moment. Finally, she got up and made her way down the hall to her room, entered her bathroom and just sat in the shower while the water ran over her. She cried for what seemed like hours. All kind of thoughts ran through her mind from, what would the kids say at school, was this her fault for breaking her mother’s rule, how would her mother react to this, would her dad be disappointment in his baby girl, would he tell anyone… her thoughts were all over the place.

She walked out of the shower and put on a long white t-shirt. Her long hair slicked to the back she begins to pace her floor, she was talking to herself rapidly moving her arms and fingers as she talked to herself trying to figure out what she was going to do who she could tell. “OMG!! I SHOWERED FUCK!!!” she realized that she washed or may have washed off any evidence of what had just happened to her. Would her friends be her friends, would they blame her, would she have to move, was she not a thot, a whore…? Would her boyfriend break up with her? Would she still be considered a virgin for she had never had sex up until this point but this was sex she was violated.

Tynisha felt like her world was coming to an end and she really didn’t know what to do. Being bullied and teased at school wasn’t enough now she had this to worry about. Tynisha is a special girl. She suffers from an auto immune disease called Myasthenia Gravis. This illness effects the voluntary muscles of the body and they affected her the most in her joints and her eyelids. This caused her eyelids to droop so much so she would sometimes have to hold her head back in order to see or use her fingers to raise her upper lids to be able to watch television and when the teacher wrote things on the bored she couldn’t see it so the teacher would get another student to write it down for her or her teacher would make copies of the notes for her and give them to her after class as to avoid confusion and teasing on Tynisha’s part. So, Ms. Tynisha has had it hard and now she is dealing with this…


Tynisha is sitting in her room on her window bench starring out of the window avoiding and ignoring phone calls and text messages. All she could do at this point is cry. She never thought that something like this would happen or could happen to her especially by someone that she knew sort of. The pain she was feeling was so overwhelming, her head started throbbing and her vision was blurred from tears. She got up and walked into her mom’s room and went into her mom’s medicine cabinet to get something for her headache. Tynisha also deals with depression due to her auto immune disease and the bullying she has dealt with her damn near all her life. She saw all the medicine sitting there in front of her and the thought of just not being around anymore crossed her mind. It would free her parents of the burden of worrying about her, picking her up and bringing her to school. She won’t be teased and taunted anymore and the pain would finally stop. Tynisha stood there for a second zoned out again with a pill of antidepressants in her hand and it fell into the sink and that broke her thoughts…

She stood there staring at herself in the mirror………

FUCK IT!! Tynisha grabbed a hand full of pills not even sure what kind it was through them in her mouth, grabbed a glass off the counter and chased them down with some scotch her dad kept hid in the bathroom that he thought no one knew about… she took the bottle of scotch and the pills to her room. The pain wasn’t going away fast enough so she threw back some more pills and chugged some more scotch. She did this about three or four times and without any warning she passed out on her bed, pills in one hand, scotch in the other. Wearing nothing but a white t-shirt


Catherine arrives home and is bringing some groceries. She calls up to Tynisha but doesn’t get an answer. “Lawd that damn child of mine, I know she hears me calling her.” Stated Tynisha’s mother. She continued to bring the bags in and placed them in the kitchen, grabbed her brief case and purse and locks her car and heads inside. “Tyniiiiiiiiiisha!! I’ve been texting you all day why haven’t you responded to my messages?” yelled Ty’s mother as she places her things down and goes upstairs to find Tynisha stretched across the bed, lips purple holding a bottle of pills with a bottle of her dad’s scotch lying next to her. “(screaming) Tyyyyy!!! WAIT, WHAT, OH LAWD, WHERE’S THE PHONE, SHIT WAIT (crying) (sniff, sniff) WHAT, WAIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE LORD LORD LORD LORD!!!!!” she grabs her cell phone out of her pocket and calls 911 “Hello 911 how can we assist you?”, “Yes huh, I have my daughter 15 years old a possible over dose, her lips are purple and she’ssss (checking her pulse and breathing) she’s breathing but her pulse if fairly weak.”, “Okay ma’am please stay calm and state your address we will dispatch 911 ambulance but please don’t panic. Now do you know CPR ma’am?”, “Yes, Yes, I do…” replied Catherine “Well I need for you to position her head upright and proceed to administer CPR to your daughter, I will let you know when the EMT’s are there.” Instructed the 911 operator. Catherine continued to do CPR and listened to what the they told her to do and within minutes she heard a loud knock on her downstairs door. She ran downstairs damn near tripping to get the door, upon their arrival she directs them upstairs while she is trying to reach her husband but she kept getting his voicemail.

“Excuse me Ms. are you riding with us to the hospital we have to get going her pulse is very weak.” Asked the EMT, “No No, I’m going to follow you in my car.” Retorted Catherine. The ambulance got her to the hospital in less than ten minutes and her mother was there waiting for she took a different route and got there before than them. Standing there with her hands in prayer formation watching them roll her daughter into the ER all she could do is pray and try to think of a reason as to why she would do this.

Tynisha was an only child but she had a host of cousins and friends that she grew up around she was very popular in her community for she was the chunky girl with the Chinese eyes as everyone called her. Her eyes were this way due to an autoimmune disease she has called Myasthenia Gravis. This illness causes weakness in the voluntary muscles and it affected Tynisha the most in her eyelids causing her to look someone Chinese/Asia. She has received a lot of slack from some of the kids due to this but as far as her mother and father knew she was dealing with it.

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Jan 2, 2017, 2:57:08 PM

I know about the medicines till this day they accumulate. I have been diagnosed not at such a young age as yourself, but the age of 30 I know have since that age first diagnosed with graves / hashimotos disease 15 disease in total. The struggle is real and seems so unfair. But God gives these battles to his strongest and uses is as examples lessons. I'm proud. I hold my scars with pride, and look at you how beautiful of a woman you have become inside and out.

Jan 2, 2017, 2:51:48 PM

And also because of my weight be so skinny they called me a crack head the whole nine, landshark because of my teeth and I've been held smdkwn a couple times and had my inocence stolen. I started fighting I was very aggressive. It was my way of dealing so instead of getting picked on I got cheered for beating people's ass. Smh I'm not even that person. Just how things turned out. Nowadays I get angry but try my best to avoid fighting. It's so hard though.even at this age I still get picked at.

Jan 2, 2017, 2:47:43 PM

I been here mama maybe not the same exact story or way it went down . But even today I feel inadequate because of my illnesses and adults to. An be so cruel. Thank you so much for sharing something so personal. I always believed that one person scars were another people's lesson. Raises awarenesses in all aspects. Love you girl. You are so strong and beautiful. And had I had been your friend back then that nigga would have got duffed.. I was picked on as a teenager because of my teeth

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