~The Life of a Social Butterfly~ (teen years snippet)

~The Life of a Social Butterfly~ (teen years snippet)

Oct 9, 2016, 9:07:21 AM Opinion

OMG!!! I'm 17 and Pregnant....

I was only 17, I wasn't sure what she was doing. I just knew that I wanted to be loved in a different way. I wanted to feel special and on December 16, 1994, was the day that changed my life forever!

In March of 1995, I got up for school and was eating cereal about to leave for the bus was coming and out of the blue I threw up and the cereal came up damn near whole and just flew out of my mouth across my mother's kitchen. I didn't feel nauseous or anything, I told my mom what happened and she assumed that I may have the flu bug that was going around so she told me to go ahead and go to school if I was feeling up to it she would clean up the mess so I cleaned off my school bag and went on to school.

Upon getting to school I went to meet two of my cousins and a few friends in the cafeteria and not thinking nothing of the previous actions that morning I walk into the cafeteria and grabbed a seat with friends and my cousin (who shall remain nameless) sat at the table with the rest of us. It was three of us four including me. As soon as she sat down with her food and the aroma hit my nose my stomach started to turn and my head got dizzy and I leaned over and told my other cousin "Oh, girl I think I'm about to throw up again."  and I ran to the door of the cafeteria to leave and didn't quite make it.

Ended up in the bathroom throwing up again.... that day was very slow and oh so nauseating to me but I made it through and my other cousin (with her crazy self) came up to me for recess and felt my stomach and made it very clear that I was pregnant and I was like "Girl go somewhere my mom said I am more than likely sick with the flu or some bug that's going around." I was standing in the hall with my new boyfriend I remember this so clearly. I can remember how he looked, we met at in school detention he was Puerto Rican and oh so cute... I wonder whatever happened to him.... (anyway)

After school was over mom went to Wal-mart I went with her and we separated from each other to walk around the store and well got a pregnancy test without her knowing. Once we were home I took the test and before I could pull the test from between my legs both of the lines were there and they were so dark they damn near looked RED.... all I could do was cry...

A few weeks later my mom took me to the health unit to find out that I was exactly 3 months and 2 weeks pregnant...

Want to know more...wait for the book <3

~Social Butterfly~

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