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Hello! (^o^)/

My name is Lila and I am an Australian university student.

I am from LilaDays on WordPress.

My blog was originally intended as a medium to talk about life in general. Except I realised that not a lot goes on in my life. Now, it is about the things I get up to during my breaks.

You can find me on Facebook and Twitter or you can just email me. Talk to me :) I don't bite. Much.

I heard people like lists. I planned to make it 101 random info but am struggling to think of 101. So this list will be constantly be updated if I remember to do it.

#001 I am 19 years old (2016)

#002 I live in Sydney

#003 I am not comfortable about my physical appearance

#004 I avoid seeing any reflections of myself, as a result of the  above.

#005 I am fine with photographs, but my face must be partially covered or I will either not see the photo.

#006 I don't shower and change my clothes when I know for sure that I am not required to go outside.

#007 Lila Hiromi (full name) is just a pseudonym. I don't want to have my identity "plastered" on the internet before I'm comfortable with myself.

#008 I suffer from insomnia and sometimes get around 3 hours of sleep in two days.

#009 I am part of many fandoms however I don't go crazy over characters or actors. I just like the show, movie, book or the actor's work.

#010 If friends are people who talk to you when they need something from you, then everyone is my friend. :)

#011 This is harder than I thought....

#012 I want to study to be a dermatologist

#013 I don't Pokemon Go. I don't Pokemon in general.

#014I have a random British accent. Sometimes I sound British and other times I don't. I think it's because i watch too many British and American TV shows.

#015I've never been to Britain. Only Japan, China and soon South Korea.



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