Good Deeds and Loving Kindness

Good Deeds and Loving Kindness

Nov 14, 2016, 8:23:30 PM Religion

Chesed is the Hebrew word for loving kindness. It's the attribute of Avrohom, and the attribute of G-d Himself. A desire to perform acts of Chesed is inherent in the Jewish people. As a nation, we long to perform the sorts of acts which our Patriarch performed- and yet this yearning is so often clouded by the yetzer hara, the evil inclination. Rather than giving tzedekah, we keep the money for luxuries. Rather than davening shacharis properly, we concentrate on getting to work. Rather than going for kosher food, we choose the vegetarian option without a hescher. It's bad. We know it's bad. And we feel guilty. But why?

Every Jew longs for Moshiach. Many of us know it. Many of us don't. But even those who laugh at the notion of Moshiach, long for him deep down in their hearts. And these very same people also know that it's good deeds- deeds of chesed and emunah, primarily- which will cause Moshiach to come. Perhaps they're not consciously aware of it. Yetzer hara, assimilation, and the suchlike, provide an opaque cover for every Jew's longing. But this cover can be broken through. And that's when we start performing mitzvot. Embracing Judaism. Showing chesed.

If you can perform just one more deed of loving kindness, Moshiach might come. Right now. Before you've even finished reading this.


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Published by Lily Smythe

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