How Can I Spread The Light?

Light is

Chanukah begins on motzei shabbes- that's 24th December, 2016- and although it's technically only a minor festival, it does commemorate a great Jewish victory, and it's a wonderful way to spend time with one's community and family. Light is a central theme of Chanukah, and this year we're especially lucky, as we can reconcile ourselves with the departure of Shabbes and our second soul by basking in the light of Chanukiah. But not everyone can do this.

Although our tables may be laden with latkes, chocolate, sofganiyot, and of course the Chanukiah, many haven't had the chance to experience the authentic and heart-warming festival that is Chanukah. But there's still time. Why not invite someone- or indeed, a family- to spend Chanukah by you? By introducing them to the beauty of Chanukah and the light of the Chanukiah, you're doing a real mitzvah. Just remember to supply them with their own Chanukiah lighting kit before they head home!

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