Morning Prayers

Morning Prayers

Jun 20, 2017, 8:01:39 PM Religion

I began saying the morning prayers as soon as I found a siddur which worked for me- one which was accessible, easy to read, and above all, didn't take too long to daven from. But over time, my routine became more hurried, and I neglected the crucial five to ten minutes of davening which previously graced my mornings, instead settling for the bare minimum. Between trying to study Chitas, get ready, answer countless messages and emails and sort out any necessary housework, I was left without the time to daven.

Or so I thought.

Then one morning, I accidentally woke up an hour too early. The sun was shining brightly and after I said the Modeh Ani, I started to daven without thinking about it. About half an hour passed before I looked at my clock and realised that I had gotten up an hour early. And yet, I didn't feel lethargic. I felt ready to start my day, as if Hashem was right beside me, helping me.

Last Shabbes I heard a drosho about the importance of saying the morning prayers. And as I thought about these 2 events, I realised they couldn't be coincidental. Yes, my life is busy- packed, even. Yes, it often feels like I haven't a spare moment. And yet... I feel as if saying more prayers is going to make me more productive, less harried. It's like Hashem is telling me to do this.

From now on, I won't settle for just saying the Modeh Ani. I'm going to bring Kedushah into the beginning of the day, and hope it graces the rest of my day, too.

Published by Lily Smythe

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